Passions Update Monday 8/25/03

Passions Update Monday

By Mike
Pictures by Juanita


Whitney tells Chad she found out who Fox's mystery woman is. Chad keeps saying he thinks it's Whitney, but Whitney says no, it has to be Theresa because of the way she and Fox connect. Chad wonders why Fox kept saying that his mystery woman was in LA before Theresa even came out. Whitney thinks it's because Fox knew Theresa would come to LA. Chad doesn't think it's a good idea for Whitney to play matchmaker for Fox and Theresa.


Theresa remembers Ethan telling her he loves her, but they can't be together. As Theresa cries, Fox shows up. Theresa wishes it could have been Whitney, but tells Fox about how Ethan said he loved her, but can't be with her because of Gwen. Fox says he doesn't know Ethan as well as Theresa does, but he knows that when Ethan says something, he means it. Fox reminds Theresa of how Ethan proposed to Gwen only because she was pregnant. Theresa decides she's going to do something drastic to make Ethan come back to her.


Gwen wonders why they can't stay at the apartment. Ethan wants Gwen to be able to get her rest, even though Gwen says she gets along with Chad and Whitney and can get used to Fox. Gwen is glad Theresa is 3,000 miles away back in Harmony, as Ethan remembers his kiss with Theresa the other night. Ethan talks about how bad Fox is to try and dissuade Gwen from wanting to move to the apartment. Ethan says Fox treats woman like dirt, and Gwen wonders if Ethan thinks Fox will steal her away from Ethan or Whitney from Chad. Ethan says no, and Gwen says she just got it and says Theresa's name. Ethan thinks she knows Theresa's in LA and tries to explain, but Gwen says she thinks Theresa and Fox would make a good couple. Ethan says forget it.


Charlie pulls over to the side of the road and wants to know if Beth loves her or Luis. Beth denies having feelings for Luis and says she wants to make sure she, Charlie and Sheridan's baby live a happy life together. Charlie says that if Beth is lying to her, she will kill her along with Sheridan. They then drive off.


Luis can't believe Sheridan is still alive and would send that tape on her own free will, but Hank says that with all the proof they've gotten, the DVD, the ring, the tape, it seems Sheridan must be in Paris. Luis listens to the tape over again and tells Hank that maybe Sheridan didn't love him as much as he thought she did. Hank reminds Luis about Beth, and he is about to go check on her, when Beth shows up. She tells Luis the doctor gave her a clean bill of health, the baby is fine. The nurse had just mixed up her records. Luis is happy to hear that and hugs Beth. Luis notices that Beth's stomach looks and feels smaller. Beth says that as women get closer to their due date, the stomachs change. Luis remembers right before Theresa's water broke, the baby dropped. Luis thinks Beth is going to go into labor soon.


Downstairs, Sheridan has contractions. She tries to calm down and remember happy times, because that's what her lamaze instructor taught her. She remembers different times with Luis and hopes he comes to find her, but she still has pains. Charlie shows up and denies Sheridan's request for a doctor, saying she isn't stupid; the doctor will ruin her plans. Charlie says Sheridan must be having hunger pains and throws down a pack of cold hot dogs. After Charlie leaves, Sheridan realizes her water has broken and she is going into labor.

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