Passions Update Friday 8/22/03

Passions Update Friday

By Michael
Pictures by Juanita


Theresa is upset that Ethan walked out on her. Theresa has a fantasy that Ethan comes back and tells her he knows they were meant to be together, and is devastated when she comes back to reality. Theresa gets upset and calls Whitney, telling her she doesn't want to be alone right now.


Chad sees Whitney and Fox, but tells Syd that they're just friends and they're probably just having a good time in LA, not to make anything of it. Syd and Chad continue to work and after a little while, Chad says he's going to take a little break when Syd points out that he is thinking about Whitney.

In the sound booth, Whitney knows who Fox's mystery woman is. She can't believe she didn't realize this before. Fox has a fantasy of he and Whitney and Whitney says she's glad she didn't marry Chad. In reality, Whitney says she knows who Fox is in love with... Theresa! Fox tries to tell her that's not the case, but Whitney won't take no for an answer. When Theresa calls Whitney, Whit decides to send Fox over to comfort Theresa so they can get closer.


Ethan arrives to see Gwen and brings sunglasses, a beach ball, and a towel, telling her that he brought the beach to her. Gwen smells perfume on Ethan right away, and knows it's not hers. Ethan tells Gwen that Chad, Whitney and Fox are staying at the Crane apartment because of Chad's job offer, but mentions nothing of Theresa. Ethan says the perfume is Whitney's. Gwen is happy to move in with them, but Ethan suggests they stay somewhere else. Ethan imagines Gwen and Theresa seeing each other, and then remembers his and Theresa's kiss. Gwen wonders if there's another reason Ethan doesn't want to stay at the apartment, but Ethan says no. Gwen says it'll be fine, it's not like Theresa's staying in the apartment.


Beth's sugar bag leaks and everyone wonders what's going on. The nurse tells Beth she's going to get Dr. Culver to ask him what could be happening. Charlie arrives and tells the nurse that she's going to take Beth to a specialist, and they jet out of the place. Culver comes out and sees the sugar and wonders what happened. The nurse tells him she's through working with him and quits.


Charlie tells Beth all about her plan to explode the house and how Hank interfered with her plans. She also talks about giving the cops the ring and the message from Sheridan. Beth thinks the plan was a bad idea, and Charlie wonders why, does Beth like Luis? Beth says no, she just wants Sheridan's baby. Beth later thinks the plan was good because now Luis will stop looking for Sheridan, until Charlie tells her what Sheridan said on the tape. Beth knows that Luis will realize the tape is a fake.


Hank doesn't think Luis should jump to any conclusions that Sheridan is dead yet because they also got a tape. Luis listens to the tape, which Sheridan says she doesn't love him anymore, will stay in Paris, and will start a new life. Luis doesn't believe a word of it and knows Sheridan had to be kidnapped. Hank convinces Luis that if Sheridan would have been kidnapped, the kidnappers would have sent the ring back to Antonio because he is her husband. Luis believes that Hank might be right.


Sheridan prays that Luis doesn't believe the tape and doesn't give up on her. Sheridan hopes that Luis will keep searching for her. All of a sudden, Sheridan has contractions.

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