Passions Update Thursday 8/21/03

Passions Update Thursday 8/21/03

By Mike
Pictures by Juanita


Syd nails the track and kisses Chad. Chad tells her they can't be doing this, he's in love and engaged to Whitney. Syd tells Chad that she finds him very attractive. He finds her attractive too, but not in the same way.

In the sound booth, Whit wants to know why Fox won't tell her his mystery woman's name. She wonders if it's a figment of his imagination. He tells her no, it's not. She then wonders if he won't say anything because she's involved with another man. Fox says that's it, he loves the woman, but can't have her now. All of a sudden, Whit says she knows who it is. She can't believe she didn't realize it before. Fox tells her he's glad she has the same feelings for him as he has for her. Whitney and Fox kiss, but of course it's all in Fox's head. In real time, Whitney tells Fox she thinks he has a chance with this mystery woman.

Outside, Syd listens to Chad talk about his love for Whit when she sees Fox and Whit hugging. Syd tells Chad and he turns around to see for himself.



Theresa knows Ethan still loves her. Ethan admits it, and they kiss. However, Ethan stops and says this isn't right. He's married to Gwen, etc. He tries to convince Theresa that she needs to marry someone else. Theresa wonders how Ethan would feel thinking of her making love to another man. Ethan says it would hurt, but she needs to get over him. Ethan then leaves Theresa.


Luis and Beth are waiting for Culver when Beth pretends to feel the baby move. When Luis can't feel it, he insists on staying. While waiting, Luis sees a picture of a husband and his pregnant wife and imagines it's him and Sheridan. Beth wonders where Luis is (figuratively) and says she knows he's thinking of Sheridan. Luis later gets a call from the Police station about something of Sheridan's. Beth convinces him to go, until he finally says he will. Beth tries to leave too, but Luis forces her to stay. After Luis leaves, Beth tries to leave, but Culver stops her and wants her to turn around. He wonders how she could be so big; he just saw her a few weeks ago. Beth says she's not pregnant, she's just gained a lot of weight. Culver wants to know why then Luis was throwing a fit if she's not really pregnant. Beth convinces Culver that the receptionist must have mixed Luis up with someone else's husband. Culver has to take care of an emergency and he demands a nurse stay with Beth so she won't leave. Beth tries to leave, but the nurse fights her. All of a sudden, Beth's sugar bag breaks and sugar begins falling out of the pouch.


Upstairs, Hank tries to get Edna in the house, but she won't come in. Precious deactivates the bomb. Edna realizes the house won't blow up, so she comes inside. Hank sees Precious and wonders how she got inside. Edna says Precious probably used her key. Hank smells gas, and goes into the kitchen. Edna left her stove on, and Hank turns it off. Hank thinks that must have been what Edna thought was a bomb. Hank wants to check the rest of the house, but Edna says no, it's time for Precious to change her diaper, so Hank leaves.


Downstairs, Charlie taunts Sheridan and tells her they'll both be dead soon. The bomb doesn't go off, so Charlie realizes she must get rid of Sheridan since Sheridan saw her. Charlie tells Sheridan she will kill her, but Sheridan wants to say goodbye to Luis first. Charlie refuses to bring Luis to the pit, but Sheridan says she wants to leave him a message. Charlie tape records a message from Sheridan (off-screen) and throws a pitch fork in the pit.

Charlie comes upstairs and tells Edna she got rid of Sheridan. Charlie leaves, and Edna and Precious pray.


Charlie arrives on the wharf after visiting the police station (which we don't see) and says she has taken care of Sheridan.


Luis arrives and wants to know what's up. Hank tells him a special messenger just dropped off this necklace, which is the one with his grandmother's ring on it. Luis says it can only mean one thing; Sheridan must be dead.

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