Passions Update Wednesday 8/20/03

Passions Update Wednesday 8/20/03

By Mike
Pictures by Juanita


Fox tells Syd about Whitney being a singer, and Syd says to herself that she's going to get rid of the competition; she'll get rid of Whitney. Syd interrupts Whitney and Chad as they make out and says that she and Chad should work on her song. Whitney goes into the other room with Fox and they talk about how beautiful Syd is, but Whitney says she trusts Chad. Whitney then brings up Fox's mystery woman and wants to know what her name is and why Fox is so secretive about her. Fox remembers his fantasy of him and Whitney having a picnic, as well as the fantasy where she comes into his room and they make love. Fox tells Whitney she'll meet his mystery woman soon. Outside, Chad tells Syd how she can change her song to make it better, and Syd then kisses Chad again.


Theresa and Ethan kiss, but Ethan pushes Theresa away. Theresa asks him what about fate and the passion they share? Ethan then grabs her and they begin kissing again. They wind up on the couch where Ethan's shirt winds up being taken off. Ethan warns her they better stop before they go too far; he still loves Gwen. Theresa remembers all the happy times they've had together and convinces Ethan that they are still perfect for each other, and doesn't Ethan love her? He says he does, he still loves her.


Dr. Culver prepares to come out as Luis and Beth wait. Luis calls once again into the back office for Dr. Culver. A woman begins going into labor in the office and Dr. Culver comes out to take care of her. Luis wants to know what Dr. that is. Beth tells him it's Dr. Shoals, Dr. Culver's partner. Luis finds it weird that Dr. Culver has a partner, but his name isn't listed on the door. Beth has a fantasy that she has a pain and Luis thinks it's labor. The Dr. clears the desk and prepares to deliver Beth's baby, but all he delivers is a bag of sugar. Mrs. Wallace comes in and says that Beth's plan is ruined, and then Sheridan walks in with her baby. She tells Luis that Beth kidnapped her and left her in the basement. Luis arrests Beth and tells her he's spending the rest of his life with Sheridan while Beth rots in prison. Beth screams no, as she comes back to reality. Luis wants to know what's wrong. Beth says they should wait and schedule an appointment tomorrow because Dr. Culver is too busy. Luis says no, they're waiting there until Beth sees Dr. Culver.


At Beth's, Precious pulls out in the car and almost runs into Hank on his bike. Hank is okay, and wants to know what's going on. Charlie hides so Hank doesn't see her. Mrs. Wallace says she was on her way to the grocery store. Hank says Beth should drive more carefully, then sees Precious in the driver's seat. Hank says he'd be willing to drive Mrs. Wallace to the grocery store, but Mrs. Wallace says no, she doesn't want to waste his time. Sheridan throws a rock upstairs from the pit and out the window. Hank wonders what that sound was and Mrs. Wallace tells him it was the squirrels. Hank says he'll take Mrs. Wallace for a walk around the house after she says she just wanted to go out. After Mrs. Wallace and Hank round the corner for their walk, Precious and Charlie get out of the car and head to the house to deactivate the explosives. Charlie realizes there's not enough time to deactivate them. Charlie comes downstairs without her clown suit on and Sheridan sees her. Sheridan remembers that Charlie was the one that chased her on the wharf. Charlie says it doesn't matter; they'll both be dead soon anyway. At the front door, Hank prepares to walk Mrs. Wallace inside. Mrs. Wallace tries to stall by looking for her key, but Hank finds it. Mrs. Wallace drops them so Hank can pick them up, to stall time. Mrs. Wallace imagines her and Hank entering and the house exploding. (Mrs. Wallace's hair is hilarious after the explosion). Hank finally gets the door open in real time and tries to get Mrs. Wallace to come inside, as the explosives prepare to go off.

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Dr. Culver wants Beth to turn around as she tries to walk out the door.

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