Passions Update Tuesday 8/19/03

Passions Update Tuesday

By Mike
Pictures by Juanita


Fox tells Syd he has a secret about Chad's future. The secret is that he is planning on financing Chad's own record label with his (Fox's) family's money. Syd isn't really excited because she thought Fox was going to give another type of secret about Chad's personal life. Fox goes on to say how Chad is going to make a big female star with hit singles, etc. and Syd assumes Fox is talking about her. However, Fox is talking about Whitney and Syd grows jealous, not realizing Whitney is also a singer, as she sees Whitney and Chad making out in the other room. Syd says to herself that she can get rid of the competition by getting rid of Whitney, as Fox overhears, happy that Syd will help him with his plan. (Syd doesn't realize yet that Fox wants Whitney.)

Chad and Whitney talk in the room outside of the studio. Chad wonders why Whitney is getting so upset, doesn't she trust him? Whitney says she trusts him, but not Syd. Chad assures Whitney that he will handle Syd and make sure she knows they can't be involved. Chad promises to Whitney that nothing and nobody will come between them.


Ethan and Theresa are talking about Theresa having to move on with her life. Ethan admits that he did love Theresa, but now with Gwen and the baby, he is committed to them. Ethan says he made a vow to God and Fr. Lonigan that he would always love Gwen and doesn't want to treat her like Julian used to treat Ivy. Theresa tries to convince Ethan that fate brought them together, but Ethan thinks fate is telling them it's not meant to be. Ethan tells Theresa that one day she will find a man who loves her. All of a sudden, Theresa rushes over and begins kissing Ethan. Ethan stops her, saying he can't do this, but Theresa reminds him of the passion they share. Ethan grabs Theresa and they begin making out again.


Beth tries to convince Luis not to call Dr. Russell because she feels fine and wants to go home. Luis tells Beth that he's not leaving until they see Dr. Culver. Beth realizes her plan is going down the drain and she will lose Luis and kidnapping Sheridan would have been for nothing. The receptionist finds Dr. Culver, really a man, in his office and tells him about Beth and Luis. Dr. Culver says he only saw Beth a few months ago and there's no way she could be pregnant. The receptionist tells him that she looks like she's about to pop any minute. Dr. Culver decides to handle Luis because he fears he will get sued if Luis' anger causes any of the pregnant women to miscarry or go into premature labor. Outside Beth and Luis wait as Dr. Culver prepares to come out.


Charlie brings a big bag into the living room and tells Mrs. Wallace she's gotta get rid of Sheridan. Mrs. Wallace thinks Charlie's going to free Sheridan, but Charlie says she's going to kill her. Charlie plans on bombing the house so there's no evidence. Mrs. Wallace says no, she has fond memories in this house as she remembers a time when she was younger dancing for men in the living room as they gave her money. Charlie doesn't care about Mrs. Wallace's memories. Mrs. Wallace prays that the angels in heaven help change Charlie's mind. Downstairs, Charlie taunts Sheridan and tells her she's going to kill her. Sheridan faints, as Mrs. Wallace and Precious join Charlie. Charlie explains to Mrs. Wallace that she is going to cut a gas pipe and booby trap all the doors with explosives, so that by the time Luis discovers where Sheridan is, he will open Beth's door and the bomb will go off and kill him. After Charlie is done getting the house booby trapped, she, Mrs. Wallace and Precious head for the car. Charlie sits in the back, while Mrs. Wallace sits in the passenger's seat because Precious wants to drive. Before Charlie can stop her, Precious turns on the car and begins pulling out, running into Hank, who's passing by on his bike. Downstairs Sheridan comes to and smells the gas as it seeps into the Wallace home. Sheridan begins coughing and finding it hard to breathe, as the explosives are set to go off.

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