Passions Update Monday 8/18/03

Passions Update Monday

By Mike
Pictures by Juanita


Mrs. Wallace and Precious are packing while Charlie stands around, slicing up an apple. Mrs. Wallace tries to tell Charlie to get ready to escape so that she's not left alone. Charlie then holds a knife on Mrs. Wallace and Precious and tells them they're not going anywhere. Mrs. Wallace begs Charlie not to kill her, but Charlie brings the knife down as Mrs. Wallace screams. However, Mrs. Wallace and Precious are okay; Charlie only stabbed a sack of Precious's bananas. Charlie says she was just playing around with Mrs. Wallace, but if Luis is really on to her and Beth, they need to kill Sheridan, as she heads for the basement.


In the pit, Sheridan continues to wonder why all of this is happening to her. She remembers various things from the past few months (i.e. the clown dreams, Beth and Charlie dressed as clowns, the Alice in Wonderland fantasy, making the Paris DVD and later seeing it, etc). She later has flashbacks to when she told Luis to look at a rose and remember she loves him, carving their initials in wood, and playing football in the snow. Sheridan apologizes to her baby for getting he/she into this mess.


Theresa wonders why Ethan lied to Gwen. Ethan says it's not because he still has feelings for her like she thinks, it's because he doesn't want Gwen to get upset and miscarry their baby. Theresa pesters Ethan about fate bring them together, then asks him to be honest. She wants to know who he was originally going to propose to before Gwen revealed she was pregnant. After much hesitation, Ethan finally admits he was going to propose to her - Theresa. However, things were not meant to be and they cannot be together again.


Chad and Syd are talking about finally nailing Syd's track when Syd kisses Chad. Fox and Whitney walk in and see the kiss. Whitney wants to know what's going on and bangs on the glass that separates them. Chad comes out and tells her not to be upset, but Whitney is hurt. Chad says the kiss meant nothing, it was only because Syd was excited. Chad asks Syd to tell Whitney the truth. Syd admits that the kiss meant something, surprising Whitney, Chad and Fox. Syd says it meant something of gratitude; a kiss in LA is like a handshake in Harmony. Whitney doesn't buy it, but Fox confirms it. While sitting listening to one of Syd's tracks in the studio, Fox makes a comment about how good a pair Chad and Syd are. Whitney takes Chad into the other room and he tells her she can't be jealous - this is his job, he's gonna be working with women like this all the time. Back in the sound booth, Fox tells Syd he needs to tell her a secret about Chad's future.


Luis wants the receptionist to bring Dr. Culver out to prove they have met before. Beth tries to tell Luis this is not necessary, but Luis continues making a scene. Finally the receptionist goes to get the Dr., only to come back and reveal the Dr. has gone to the hospital for an emergency. Beth is relieved and convinces Luis to leave. However, as they are leaving, Dr. Culver calls the receptionist and the receptionist relays the message to Luis and Beth and the other patients that the Dr. will be back soon. Luis and Beth decide to wait around, but the receptionist refuses to let them see Culver because they are not registered. Luis is upset and decides he's taking Beth to see Dr. Russell at the emergency room. Beth realizes she can't get out of it now and Luis will figure it all out.

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