Passions Update Friday 8/15/03

Passions Update Friday

By Michael
Pictures by Juanita


Luis is scared because Beth's baby isn't moving. He tells Beth he wants to take her to see Dr. Culver because something might be wrong. Beth tries making excuses, but Luis still wants to see Dr. Culver. Mrs. Wallace tells Beth she is screwed.

After Luis and Beth leave, Mrs. Wallace begins packing a suitcase to escape. Precious has a fantasy that Luis is Tarzan and picks her over the other two Janes: Sheridan and Beth. Charlie arrives and wants know what's going on. Mrs. Wallace tells her what's up, and Charlie realizes they are screwed.


Ethan and Theresa talk in the bedroom. Ethan wants to be honest with Gwen, but Theresa reminds him of Gwen's state and how she could lose the baby.

Fox and Whitney talk about Theresa and Ethan; that they may actually be right for each other. Fox tells Whitney that they should go surprise Chad at the studio after Fox talks with Vivian about Chad and Syd working together.

Later, as Theresa stands on the balcony, Ethan gets a call from Gwen.


Gwen has a nightmare that Theresa is in LA and steals Ethan away from her. The nurse comes in when Gwen blood pressure rises. Gwen tells her about Theresa. Gwen decides to call Ethan and see how his night was. Gwen hopes Ethan wasn't too lonely last night as Ethan remembers he and Theresa kissing. Ethan decides not to tell Gwen about Theresa after she tells him about her nightmare.


Ethan tells Theresa that Gwen called, but he couldn't tell her what happened. Theresa smiles to herself.


Vivian tells Chad that he and Syd will be working closely. She also says that it's hard to keep a relationship when you're working most of the time (meaning Chad and Whitney). Syd smiles.


Chad and Syd are working closely at the studio. Fox and Whitney enter, and Whitney sees the two together. Fox realizes that this is his chance to get closer to Whitney.


Pilar and Charity talk as Charity looks at Kay's baby in NICU. Death reminds Charity of the promise she made after Pilar mentions hoping her and Miguel's relationship works out.

Grace and Kay argue about Kay not wanting to come home. Kay says she doesn't feel wanted. Pilar, Miguel, and Charity all come over and Pilar mentions naming the baby. Miguel decides to let Kay name it. Kay and Tabitha talk. Tabitha tells Kay that she should name the baby after someone close to Miguel, but definitely not Charity.

Grace and Charity hope Kay names the baby after Charity's mother Faith. Kay comes over and says she is naming the baby after Miguel's grandmother Maria. Pilar and Miguel are happy. Pilar and Miguel decide to go see the baby. Grace mentions to Kay that the baby needs a middle name. Kay decides she will name it after someone her dad really loves. Grace thinks it's after her, but Kay tells her no - her baby's name will be Maria Ivy. Grace is very hurt and can't believe Kay would name her baby that. Kay tells Grace that it's not Ivy's fault that Grace stole Sam away from her (Ivy). Kay thinks she and Ivy have more in common than she and Grace (i.e. both have children with their first loves). Kay goes off to see the baby. After Pilar leaves NICU, Kay tells Miguel she is scared she won't be able to raise this baby on her own. Miguel promises to help her. Outside Charity realizes that she will have to give up Miguel to Kay.


Beth and Luis arrive at Dr. Culver's office. Beth keeps trying to tell Luis the baby is fine, but he won't listen. Luis gives Beth's name to the receptionist, but she can't seem to find any record of Beth being a patient. Luis is irritated and wants to see Dr. Culver right away. He says that Dr. Culver will see Beth and remember her, as Beth overhears, terrified.


Theresa tells Ethan she knows he still loves her.
Luis demands to see Dr. Culver - it's an emergency.
Charlie threatens to kill Mrs. Wallace.
Whitney knocks on the glass as Syd and Chad kiss, and Syd says the kiss definitely meant something to her.

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