Passions Update Thursday 8/14/03

Passions Update Thursday 8/14/03

By Michael
Pictures by Juanita

The last few minutes were interrupted by NBC News about the capture of an Al Qaeda member.


Luis and Pilar pray over candles. Pilar says something about Miguel's insurance not covering the bills for Miguel's baby, so Luis says he will try to work overtime. Pilar decides to go to the hospital and Luis heads over to Beth's.


Beth is downstairs in her clown suit. Sheridan tells her something is wrong with her baby. Beth notices that Sheridan is wearing the ring she gave back to Luis around her neck. Beth is upset that Luis gave Sheridan the ring back behind her back. Beth goes back upstairs and Luis comes over. Luis wants to feel the baby kick, but Beth says the baby's been quiet lately. Luis wonders when Beth will have her ultrasound. Beth says she already had it, but didn't want to know the sex. Luis is upset because he wanted to see a picture of the baby, but Beth doesn't have any. Mrs. Wallace whispers to Precious that the jig is almost up.

In the pit, Sheridan remembers when she and Luis decided to have kids. She also remembers telling Luis how scared she is because after her mother gave birth to her, she died. Luis said he'd be sure that nothing like that would happen to Sheridan, he promised. Sheridan wonders where Luis is now.


Ethan walks in on Theresa naked. Theresa imagines that she and Ethan begin kissing. However, she hurries and puts on her robe. Ethan is sorry, but he tells Theresa he needs to tell Gwen the truth. Theresa doesn't think that it would be a good idea until after Gwen gives birth.

Whitney walks Chad out. Chad says something about going to the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel and Whitney is jealous. Chad promises he will take Whitney there for breakfast one day. Fox tells Chad he'll take care of Whitney. Later, Whitney and Fox

are outside. They talk about Theresa and Ethan and Fox mentions something about the one you are with may not really be the one you should spend the rest of your life with. Whitney thinks Fox is talking about Ethan and Gwen, when in reality Fox is talking about Chad and Whitney.


Grace is upset by how irresponsible Kay is and asks who will support the baby. Miguel says he will, and Grace is upset because it seems everyone's dropping out of college. After Grace, Miguel and Charity leave, Kay complains to Tabitha about how much of a bitch Grace is. Tabitha says that is the reason Kay cannot go back to the good side. Miguel and Charity talk about being together, even though Charity knows she can't have Miguel. Miguel and Charity go to NICU and Miguel goes in to see the baby. Death shows up and Charity thinks he's there to get Miguel and Kay's baby, but he's there for another baby. Death goes into NICU when a "code blue" is called. Miguel comes out because they need room in NICU for the dying baby. Charity and Miguel hug, and Charity knows she has to give up Miguel for Kay's baby's sake.

In another part of the hospital, Pilar arrives and talks with Grace. Grace tells her about Kay dropping out of college. Grace and Pilar think it would be a good idea if Miguel stayed in college and Kay enrolled in the spring. Tabitha wheels Kay out and they overhear Grace and Pilar talk about how Miguel and Charity should be together. Kay tells Tabitha that Grace cares more about Charity and Miguel than her, but she still wants to go home when she gets out of the hospital. Grace sees Kay and Tabitha and comes over to them. Grace tells Kay about her and Pilar's plan for Kay to register for college in spring, if Kay just comes home. Kay says no, she will not come home. She going to live with Tabitha again.

NBC News cut in after this scene so I'm not sure how Passions ended. I did see two scenes for tomorrow, though: Theresa asks Ethan to lather her up with lotion, and Kay tells Grace she's not moving back home.

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