Passions Update Wednesday 8/13/03

Passions Update Wednesday 8/13/03

By Mike
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Tabitha wheels Kay back to her room. Tabitha tells Kay she named her baby Endora, not after Endora on "Bewitched", but after one of Tabitha's friends. Kay tells Tabitha she will resign from evil for the sake of her baby. Tabitha tries to convince Kay that being good will not change anything.


Charity is looking at the babies while holding flowers for Kay when Miguel comes up. Charity accidentally slips about bargaining with Death, but covers by saying that she meant she bargained by praying. Grace walks up and Miguel tells her that the baby is still fragile. Miguel tells Grace he is sorry he lied to Kay about loving her, but he did that to keep her blood pressure down. Miguel says he still loves Charity, as Charity stands by, knowing she can't have Miguel.

Back at Kay's room, Tabitha points to Charity, Miguel and Grace in the hallway as proof that goodness doesn't work. They all come in Kay's room and Charity gives Kay the flowers. Kay wants to be with the baby. Miguel and Charity mention something about getting their course schedules for college for next year, but Kay tells Grace she dropped out. Grace is upset and tells Kay her and Sam would have paid for Kay's education. Grace wants to know if it's too late to register for next year, and Miguel says it is. Grace wonders what Kay will do to support her child.


Whitney wakes up early and sees Fox outside. She notices he got a haircut and he tells her he's been up for awhile, running and going to the salon to get his hair cut. Fox offers her a smoothie he made. Chad wakes up too and notices Fox's haircut. They all realize that Ethan and Theresa are not up yet, and they wonder what's up.

Theresa is sleeping when Ethan comes in and kisses her shoulder. He wants to be with her. Theresa is then awaken by Whitney. It was all just a dream. Theresa tells Whitney fate will bring her and Ethan back together. Whitney thinks Theresa is crazy. Theresa wonders if Whitney feels this way because she and Chad are having problems. Whitney says no, they are not having problems. Theresa says she and Ethan will be together again soon.

Outside, Fox calls Chad's boss Vivian to be sure Syd will be at a publicity stint that Chad is going to. Vivian says yes, and wonders why Fox is so concerned. She wants to know if it's about a woman. Fox doesn't respond.

Chad and Ethan are talking about Syd while Fox does sit-ups. Chad says she will be a big star. Fox thinks about how much time Chad spends with Syd will make Whitney jealous, so he can be there for her.

In Theresa's room, Whitney makes a joke that if she collected a dollar for every time Theresa mentioned fate, she'd be as rich as Fox, who just entered. Chad comes in and Whitney and Fox leave the room to walk Chad out. Theresa decides to take a shower and gets naked, then hears a knock. She thinks it's Whitney and tells her to come in. It's really Ethan, who sees Theresa naked.


Pilar and Luis talk over breakfast about Kay's baby. Pilar knows Luis is upset about Sheridan, but at least she's safe in Paris. Luis decides to call Sheridan's cell phone to see if she'll answer, but she doesn't of course. Luis and Pilar then light two candles; one for Martin and one for Sheridan and say a "Hail Mary".


Beth checks on a sleeping Sheridan and says Sheridan almost ruined everything last night. Beth then goes back upstairs. Mrs. Wallace wants Beth to go out and get more sugar for the tea because she used it all for her "baby". Beth goes on the internet to research home births and midwifery. She tells Mrs. Wallace she and Charlie will deliver Sheridan's baby and pass it off as Beth's own. Mrs. Wallace wants to know what will happen when Luis doesn't feel Beth's baby move. Sheridan's cell phone rings. Beth is upset because it's Luis and he's been calling the cell phone at least once a day. Mrs. Wallace and Beth listen to his message and Mrs. Wallace tells Beth that Luis will never forget Sheridan, so her plan is just a waste of time. Beth tells Mrs. Wallace Luis will become so upset with Sheridan for leaving him to go to Paris that he'll turn to her for comfort.

In the basement, Sheridan wakes up and has contractions. She hopes that someone will get her medical care before it is too late.

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