Passions Update Tuesday 8/12/03

Passions Update Tuesday

By Mike
Pictures by Juanita


Whitney thinks Theresa's lying about kissing Ethan in her sleep. Theresa keeps telling Whitney that she was asleep. Theresa tries to convince Whitney that she and Ethan would be together if Gwen didn't get pregnant.

In the living room, Fox, Chad and Ethan are all talking about what happened. Fox remembers how light of a sleeper Ethan was when they were kids. Ethan says he thought he was dreaming, but Fox thinks Ethan still loves Theresa. Ethan denies it, but Chad agrees with Fox. Theresa walks in the room and wants to talk to Ethan. Ethan says sure and they start making out in front of Chad and Fox. All of a sudden Theresa wakes Ethan up from his *daydream* and tells him she's sorry for kissing him. Ethan and Fox are going to bunk together, and Fox thinks it's because Ethan's scared he'll walk back into Theresa's room and start kissing her again, but Ethan says it's not.

Whitney and Chad go outside and talk about how Ethan coming to LA might get Theresa's hopes up. Chad wonders if fate may really be sending a sign that Theresa and Ethan are right for each other.

Theresa types on her laptop that she thinks she and Ethan will be together again.


David says yes, he did see Ivy at church and drove her home. Grace can't believe that Ivy really cares about Kay. Ivy says that she lit candles for Kay's baby and Ethan's baby. Ivy says she is uneasy about Gwen being so far away and having her baby. Grace didn't know Ethan and Gwen were in LA. Sam says he didn't want to say anything because if Theresa finds out, she could follow them out there. Grace is upset when Sam comforts Ivy over their grandchild (Ethan and Gwen's baby). Sam goes into the kitchen and Ivy and Grace fight. Ivy calls Grace a bad mother because she let Kay stay at Tabitha's. Sam comes back out and tells Ivy that's enough. Grace goes into the kitchen with David and Jessica, and Ivy tells Sam she would never let her child just leave home like Grace did with Kay.


Liz leaves to take a walk. Eve tells TC about hearing from Whitney. TC is upset Whitney is staying at Fox's because he's a Crane. TC and Eve fight again about Eve letting Whitney go off to LA and be with Chad. Eve doesn't want to argue; she wants to go upstairs and make love. TC says no, it won't change anything. Eve is upset when TC says he'll spend the night in Whitney's room.


Liz runs into Antonio. He tells her about Sheridan really being in Paris. He wants to know if Liz has reconciled with her sister yet. Liz says no, but she met a man. Antonio hopes it works out for her and wants to meet him. Liz says Antonio will meet her new man soon.


Liz comes back and hears TC and Eve arguing and says TC will be hers soon.


Downstairs, Charlie, in her clown suit, tries to delay Sheridan's labor by telling her to keep her legs crossed. Charlie knows how much Beth wants a child and hopes Sheridan dies during childbirth. Sheridan keeps screaming because of the contractions.

Upstairs, Luis tells Beth he'll move in with her. Beth tells him no, he has so much to do at work, it would not be a good idea. Beth somehow weasels her way into the kitchen to see what's going on and if Mrs. Wallace and Precious have found any info. to stop contractions. Mrs. Wallace doesn't know how to use the internet, but Precious does. Precious and Mrs. Wallace make a concoction to stop contractions and bring it downstairs to Charlie. Charlie lowers it to Sheridan. Sheridan finally drinks it out of a thermos and then cries. She tells Charlie that she will eventually have the baby, what will the kidnappers do then? Sheridan wonders where Luis is.

Back upstairs, Beth and Luis are doing breathing exercises when Beth sees Mrs. Wallace come back upstairs. Beth comes into the kitchen and asks Mrs. Wallace about the concoction. Mrs. Wallace tells her about it. Beth realizes Sheridan will have her baby soon, but Mrs. Wallace doesn't want her to get her hopes up because Luis will find Sheridan. Beth says no he won't, she will pass Sheridan's baby off as hers, and she and Luis and the baby will be a family.

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