Passions Update Friday 8/8/03

Passions Update Friday

By Michael
Pictures by Juanita

After Eve gets off the phone with Whitney, she and Grace talk again about how Eve is scared Liz will ruin her marriage to TC. Eve says that she is sorry about all the things her father did to Liz, but it's not her fault. Grace tries to convince Eve to tell TC the truth about Liz being her sister and her past, but Eve doesn't think he would forgive her. Sam comes over and tells Grace that he would like to go home and try and work their relationship problems out. Eve decides she's going to go home too after she checks on Kay's baby. Kay's baby is ok so Eve, Sam and Grace decide to head home. After Eve leaves, Sam asks Grace if she still loves him the same way she did before David came to Harmony. Grace says they'll discuss it at home.
TC tells Liz how hot she is and they almost kiss. (I think I said they kissed yesterday, but I meant they almost kissed.) TC then stops himself and tells Liz he's a happily married man. Liz tells him he's the hottest and sexiest man she knows. Liz pours TC another glass of the lemonade. Liz brings up the fact that it seems Eve always has the final say in the marriage. Drunken TC agrees and complains that Eve treats him like a little child, always talking down to him. Liz and TC then start making out on the chaise.
Eve arrives home and can't find TC. She sees a newspaper and thinks he may be out back.
She heads outside.
Whitney and Chad are lying in bed. Chad tries to ease Whitney's worries of Theresa and her parents by kissing her. Chad thinks the couple they should be worried about is Gwen and Ethan because Theresa could tear them apart. Whitney is happy she decided to come to LA. All of a sudden they hear a thump and decide to go check on Theresa since that's where the noise came from.
Fox is lying in his bed and staring at a picture of him, Whitney and Chad. He wonders how long until Whitney will be his. Fox can't sleep and decides to go outside and lift weights. He imagines Whitney coming out to workout with him and they wind up making love. Fox comes back inside and lies back down and has another fantasy of Whitney coming in and making love to him on his bed. Fox also hears the noise from Theresa's room and comes out. He is upset that Chad and Whitney made love tonight, but thinks soon it will be him and Whitney.
In Theresa and Ethan's room,  they kiss for a little while and Ethan rolls back over. Ethan can't believe he's dreaming of Theresa when he's married to Gwen. Ethan rolls back over to Theresa and they snuggle and make out again. They make a noise which Fox, Whitney and Chad hear. All 3 walk in Theresa's room and say "Oh my God".
Luis is driving to Beth's. Hank is glad Luis is not concerned about Sheridan because she's safe in Paris. Hank then kids with Luis about eating the strawberries for Beth.
Beth is downstairs and sees Sheridan passed out. Beth runs back upstairs and wonders what's taking so long getting the towels and water ready. Charlie arrives and her and Beth head back downstairs. Mrs. Wallace sees Luis and Hank pull up and goes downstairs to warn Beth. Beth and Charlie, who have decided to cut their losses and shoot Sheridan, stop when Mrs. Wallace and Precious come downstairs and warn them that Luis and Hank are here. Luis and Hank decide to let themselves in when no one answers. They call for Beth and get no answer. Hank decides to go see if Beth is at the Book Cafe. Luis heads downstairs to see if Beth is down there. Beth stops Luis before he can come all the way downstairs and tells him she has a surprise for him. Beth tells Luis to wait upstairs for her. Beth, Mrs. Wallace and Precious come back upstairs and Luis gives Beth the strawberries. Beth makes herself a strawberry-cream cheese-pickle sandwich to make it look like she has cravings. Downstairs, Charlie drags an unconscious Sheridan out of the pit, blindfolds her, ties her up, and tapes her mouth. Charlie needs blankets so she goes to her car. Sheridan comes to and decides to escape. (Her feet aren't tied.) Sheridan winds up climbing the stairs and almost going into the kitchen, but heads through another door. Charlie comes back downstairs and realizes Sheridan escaped. Beth, Mrs. Wallace, Precious, and Luis go into the living room. Mrs. Wallace and Precious see Sheridan as she walks up behind them.

On the next Passions:

TC and Liz keep kissing.
Grace has no sympathy for Ivy.
Fox tells Ethan that he must still have feelings for Theresa if he wound up in bed with her.
Theresa tells Whitney fate brought her and Ethan back together.

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