Passions Update Thursday 8/7/03

Passions Update Thursday 8/7/03

By Michael
Pictures by Juanita


Eve tells Miguel, Pilar, Grace and Sam that Kay's baby will be alright, but will have to stay in NICU. Grace and Eve go to a corner and talk. Eve tells Grace that she is nervous Liz will tear her and TC apart and reveal Eve's past. Grace doesn't think TC would ever do anything with Liz. Meanwhile, Miguel has to sign some insurance forms. Because the baby was born early, his student insurance won't cover it. Sam tells Pilar and Miguel he will help them. Grace comes back and says they will put a second mortgage on their house to help pay the bills. Eve gets a call from Whitney.


Liz and TC are kissing outside when TC realizes it's Liz he's kissing and not Eve. Liz convinces him to keep kissing her. He finally stops and tells her that the heat must be getting to him and he shouldn't be kissing her because he's a married man, even if she does look good in a wet shirt. Liz decides to pour him another glass of lemonade. TC drinks it and admits to Liz that he wasn't kissing her because of the heat, he was kissing her because she's hot. They start kissing again.


Whitney and Chad's room: Whitney tells Chad she is having a good time in LA, but she is worried about Theresa. Both Chad and Whitney think Theresa has a problem telling the difference between fantasy and reality. Chad finally gets Whitney to go sit down, but Whitney then thinks about how strange it was for Eve to let them go off to LA. Chad thinks something else must have been going on. Whitney wonders if maybe one of her parents are sick and calls Eve. Eve and Whitney talk and Eve convinces Whitney that she and TC are just going through a rough time right now. Whitney wonders if Eve thinks that TC would ever cheat on her.

Theresa and Ethan's room: Theresa and Ethan are kissing and wake up. Even though Ethan thinks it's wrong, he and Theresa decide to keep kissing. Then Theresa is shown sleeping and it's obvious she was just dreaming. She mumbles Ethan's name in her sleep. Ethan lies on the other side and turns around to face Theresa's back. He puts his arm around her and they begin kissing.


Gwen tells the nurse that she misses her husband. All of a sudden Gwen gets a strange feeling and asks the nurse to give her the phone so she can call Ethan. Gwen realizes how late it is and decides not to call Ethan because she doesn't want to wake him up. Gwen looks at a picture and says that she needs to trust Ethan.


Luis and Hank are talking about how Luis can't believe Sheridan would just go off to Paris. Hank convinces Luis that since Sheridan is in Paris, he should concentrate on his and Beth's baby. Luis has an idea on how to show his concern for Beth.


Luis and Hank arrive on the wharf at a strawberry stand. Luis says that his mother used to crave strawberries when she was pregnant, and he thinks Beth probably will too. Luis wonders if Sheridan has a craving for strawberries and imagines being in a Paris cafe feeding them to her. Luis pays for the strawberries and he and Hank head over to Beth's.


Beth (in her clown suit) is downstairs showing Sheridan the DVD of Paris. Sheridan is upset by how real it looks. Mrs. Wallace and Precious come downstairs and Mrs. Wallace wants to know what's going on. Beth decides to go upstairs to get Sheridan something to eat. When Mrs. Wallace tells Beth about how she will go to hell, Beth reminds her about how she used to be the town slut. Mrs. Wallace says that God has forgiven her for that. Mrs. Wallace and Precious pray to the angels to stop Beth.

While Beth is upstairs, Sheridan begins having severe pains and bleeding.

Beth comes back downstairs and Sheridan tells her she's in labor. Beth goes back upstairs and tells Mrs. Wallace and Precious to get towels and water ready and call Charlie. Beth goes back downstairs and finds Sheridan unconscious and thinks Sheridan and her baby are dead.

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