Passions Update Tuesday 8/5/03

Passions Update Tuesday

By Cristina
Pictures by Juanita

Julian persuades Eve to talk about what is bothering her. She rants about everything that TC doesn’t understand and why she can’t explain; because it will lead her to explaining about her past and Julian. Eve lets Julian know that she has told Grace everything, including Liz being her sister and her relationship with Julian. She is confident that Grace will stay by her side.

TC comes home to find Liz lounging outside on the chaise. TC says that he’s glad that it was her and not Eve, because it is Eve’s fault that Whitney had left with “that punk” Chad. TC tells Liz that he has to face that his marriage is over and has been for awhile. He wants a wife that will be there for him and his and children, and Liz is that woman. Next he scoots closer to her and leans in for a kiss as Liz kisses him back. Liz comes out of her daydream with a smile on her face with plans to make it a reality.

Miguel and Kay learn that their baby died just as Charity was about to arrive to try to save her. Kay wants to hold her baby but the nurse refuses, saying they have to wait for Dr. Russell first. Charity stands nearby and rants to “Death”. She can’t understand how she is supposed to save Miguel’s baby, when the baby is dead. “Death” tells her that it isn’t too late, that it is never too late for someone of pure goodness. And the secret to bringing the baby back is to pray.

Dr. Abel arrives at Gwen’s cubicle in the hospital, just as Gwen is finished dressing and preparing to leave. He informs her that he wants to admit her to run more tests and to monitor her. She questions why, and he tells her that he found some inconsistencies with her first tests. The doctor denies Gwen’s request to go back to the apartment, stating that as a precautionary measure it is best that Gwen stays overnight. Ethan is not allowed to stay with his wife due to hospital policy forbidding it. Ethan agrees to leave, but only after Gwen has fallen asleep.

TC finds Liz sitting on the chaise and tells her that Eve had seen it in a magazine and had convinced him to buy it. She had spoken of naps in the afternoon sun; times that they had never seen. Liz keeps dropping innuendos but TC doesn’t get notice. They start talking some more about Eve; about how she hasn’t called yet, and TC becomes lost in thought. Liz starts to get up, telling TC that she will give him some time alone, but TC asks her to stay, much to Liz’s delight. Liz tells TC about St. Lisa’s island. TC mentions it sounds beautiful, but he wouldn’t be able to visit. Eve doesn’t get any time off for them to be able to take vacation time. The sprinklers kick on all of a sudden and as they shower TC and Liz, TC begins to see Liz in a new light.

Kay is still adamant about confessing all of her sins and outing Tabitha as a witch, but every time she does, someone stops her. Charity begins to pray, and promises that she will give up Miguel, no matter how much she loves him, as long as God will bring Miguel’s baby back. Kay tries one last time to confess but this time she is stopped by Eve, who declares that the baby is alive.

Theresa is still convinced that fate will bring her and Ethan back, and Fox tells her that he is beginning to believe that fate will bring him together with his “mystery woman”. Later, Whitney and Theresa talk about how Fox has changed, and Whitney wishes him luck in pursing his “mystery woman” and that he deserves to be with her; not knowing that Fox is in the hallway listening and agreeing.

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