Passions Update Monday 8/4/03

Passions Update Monday

By Mike
Pictures by Juanita


Ethan enters Gwen's room and Gwen tells him that she's feeling better and the contractions have stopped. They have to stay there to get her test results, even though Gwen really wants to go back to the apartment. Gwen remembers leaving the bags at the apartment and hopes that no one will steal them. Gwen is happy that Theresa won't be in LA to cause any trouble. Gwen calls Rebecca and tells her about being in the hospital. Rebecca lectures her on having to keep her baby so Theresa doesn't steal Ethan. Rebecca also tells Gwen that she and Julian delivered Tabitha's baby. Gwen is sure Theresa cannot hurt her and Ethan in LA. Gwen tells Ethan about Rebecca and Julian delivering Tabitha's baby and Ethan can't believe it's actually still alive, LOL. Gwen tells Ethan that she is anxious for the test results so that they can leave. Gwen tells Ethan that when they get back to the apartment, she wants to lather him up with lotion and go swimming in the the pool.


Theresa wants to know who the bags belong to, but a man named Sven convinces her to dance. Whitney and Chad kiss as Fox looks on. Fox interrupts and wants to cut in and dance with Whitney. He admits he's in love with her and they dance. Sven tells Theresa he is filming an infomercial for a home gym. Whitney tells Fox she had no idea he was such a good dancer. They start kissing and Chad yells "Fox". Fox had been imagining the whole thing. Fox asks if he can dance with Whitney, for real this time. Chad says yes; he has to go and make a call. Fox tells Chad that Chad can trust him, but thinks to himself that Chad better watch out. Whitney is surprised Fox is such a good dancer. Sven puts his hand on Theresa's butt and wants to have sex with her. Theresa smacks his face. Theresa comes over and asks Fox to take care of Sven. Fox goes over and tells Sven to back off. Chad comes back out. Theresa says she wishes the bags were Ethan's. Theresa is putting lotion on Fox's back and admits that she will.


In the basement, Luis electrocutes himself. Sheridan hears him scream and calls his name. Upstairs, Mrs. Wallace hears Luis and thinks he found Sheridan. She tells Beth that they need to escape, but Beth doesn't think Luis found Sheridan. Mrs. Wallace continues to want to escape, but Beth decides to go see if Luis found Sheridan or not. Luis talks to himself and Sheridan hears him. She calls for him to save her and throws a rock up. Luis hears the noise and wants to know who's there. Sheridan lies unconscious in the pit. Beth comes downstairs and stops Luis from finding Sheridan. She makes an excuse that the rats knocked over a box and that's the noise he must have heard. Luis wants to know why they are whispering, and Beth says it's because she has a sore throat. Luis comes upstairs and leaves Beth's. Beth talks to Mrs. Wallace about Sheridan rotting in the basement. Sheridan comes to and thinks she was dreaming when she heard Luis.


Rebecca keeps talking about Tabitha's baby slapping her, but Tabitha denies it and Julian refuses to believe it. Julian and Rebecca decide to leave Tabitha alone. Rebecca tells Julian that Tabitha's baby isn't normal. Tabitha tells her baby to hide her tail so no one knows her mother is a witch. Outside the room, Rebecca wants to know why Julian defends Tabitha's baby. Julian wants to go home, but Rebecca wants to wait until she hears from Gwen and Ethan. Rebecca receives the call from Gwen. Rebecca then wants to go home, but Julian decides to go say goodbye to Tabitha. Julian enters Tabitha's room and compliments her baby. He wants to hold her, but Tabitha doesn't want him to. She finally gives in. Eve arrives and watches as Julian talks to the baby about being there for her. Tabitha finally sees Eve. Eve is impressed that Julian delivered Tabitha's baby. Eve says she wants Tabitha and the baby to stay the night to check on them. Tabitha leaves for maternity, even though she doesn't want to. Eve a

Kay, Miguel, Grace and Pilar watch as Father Lonigan baptizes Kay's baby. Pilar and Grace talk about not wanting to lose their granddaughter. Grace enters NICU and tries to get Kay to rest, but Kay argues with her. Eve convinces Grace that Kay needs time alone with her baby. Everyone watches as Kay tells her
baby how much she loves her. Kay remembers asking Tabitha for help and Tabitha telling her to pray. Kay says she will do anything for her baby. Kay tells Fr. Lonigan she has to make a confession, but needs to do something first.

The mystery man tells Charity she can save Miguel's baby, but she will lose Miguel. He tells Charity that she has to believe him. He admits his job is hard. Charity wants to know how to save Kay's baby. The man tells her to pray. He also tells her the baby will tear Miguel away from her. Charity then has two premonitions. In the first, she and Miguel are married, but Miguel is so depressed over losing the baby. In the second, Kay and Miguel are together with their baby and happy as Charity watches them. Charity decides that she wants Miguel to be happy and the only way to do that is to save the baby.

In the nursery, Tabitha puts her baby down and hides her tail when the nurse arrives. The nurse wants to check the baby's diaper, but Tabitha lies and says she already has and it's fine. The nurse leaves and the baby brings up its hand and whirls objects around. Kay enters and tells Tabitha she's turning to the good side for help. She warns Tabitha that she is going to tell Fr. Lonigan about her being a witch. Tabitha follows Kay to try and stop her. Kay arrives back at NICU and tells Fr. Lonigan she's ready to
confess. Tabitha is scared that Kay will ruin everything.

Charity and the mystery man arrive at NICU. Charity hears Pilar scream "No!" and realizes that they are too late.

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TC tells Liz he doesn't want to be alone.
Kay wants to see and hold her baby.
Charity doesn't understand why the mystery man said she could save the baby if the baby's dead.

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