Passions Update Monday 8/4/03

Passions Update Monday

By Clorinda
Pictures by Juanita

Death has a talk with Charity. He tells Charity very plainly that she has the power to save Miguel's baby. He explains that she can raise her voice to heaven and be heard. He also says that if Charity chooses to save the baby she will surely lose Miguel. Death explains that when the baby girl gets older, she will need Miguel and take him away from Charity.

Charity listens to all of this. She realizes that there is no other choice to be made except to save Miguel's newborn daughter.

Beth and Edna get upset the longer Luis stays in the basement. They are both sure that Luis will find Sheridan. Luis works on the the fuse box. He gets a mild shock and drops the pliers he is using. Sheridan thinks she hears a noise but is getting weaker. As Luis picks up the pliers, some boxes fall that are propped near the pit. Luis hears them topple over but does not go to investigate. He calls out to whoever he thinks is there. Beth comes down and whispers so Sheridan can't hear her voice. She assures Luis that a rat toppled the boxes over. She is whispering so they won't hear her and begin to scramble around. Luis then begins to whisper too. Luis comes up from the basement, still unaware of Sheridan's presence down there.

Sheridan clutches at her stomach and weakly says she can't hold on much longer.

Charity has two visions. One of a depressed Miguel that has lost his daughter and how it will ruin his future. The other of a happy Miguel, thanking god for his beautiful daughter.

This affirms Charity's decision to save the baby, no matter of the cost.

Rebecca is sure that Tabby's baby smacked her bottom. She goes off about the baby. Julian rushes to his daughter's defense. He tells Rebecca that the baby did not smack her. She is extremely beautiful and all the bad that they saw was alcohol induced.

Julian asks Tabitha to let him hold the baby. He tells the baby she is beautiful and loves her. He reminds the baby and Tabitha that if they ever need anything, he will be only too glad to help.

Eve seems to overhear part of this.

Eve can't believe that Julian delivered a baby. She is impressed and talks to Julian privately. She confesses that TC has not spoke to her since the fire.

Julian offers his support and sympathy.

Theresa gets offended when Sven makes a pass at her. She slaps him and tells Fox how rude Sven is. Fox makes Sven hit the road. Theresa is still thinking about Ethan. She is sure that she will have him. She tells this to Fox who only hopes he can be as positive about his true love, Whitney.

Chad asks Fox to watch Whitney since he has to leave. He tells Fox that he knows he can trust him. Fox smiles at hearing this. He asks Whitney to share a dance with him just like in his fantasies.

Tabitha's baby begins to use her magic powers in the hospital nursery. Kay comes to see Tabby and the baby. Kay tells Tabitha that she is taking her advice by turning to good and trying to make a deal with god. Kay warns Tabby that she must confess all, even that Tabby is a witch.

Tabitha stands there speechless. Kay goes up to Father Lonnigan to start her confession.

Gwen is thrilled that her contractions have stopped. She is sure that she will be released soon so she can go back to the Crane apartment building with Ethan. Gwen calls her mother to find out the shocking news. Rebecca and Julian delivered Tabitha's baby.

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