Passions Update Thursday 7/31/03

Passions Update Thursday 7/31/03

By Sara
Pictures by Juanita

Gwen goes into labor, just outside the apartment. Theresa hears the commotion and sees the paramedics through the peephole in the door. She wants to go out and investigate, but Whitney and the others warn her against it. After all, they’re not in Harmony anymore. Theresa worries that it is Ethan in trouble, and Whitney chides her for her insanity. Outside, Gwen is on the ground and Ethan is by her side.

Luis watches the DVD of Sheridan again in the hopes of finding a code. He is hell bent on getting down to the basement yet again, and Beth continues to stall. He leaves to get his toolbox while Beth gets to work searching for her clown mask and covering up the pit. She tells Sheridan to shut up and not say a word. Sheridan does as she is told.

The paramedics leave, and Theresa goes outside to see what happened. Ethan has left his luggage. Theresa mentions that it looks like Ethan’s and takes a look at the tags. Gwen and Ethan are in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. Gwen is in pain, but still thinks to herself about how they fled Harmony and still she might lose her baby.

Kay and Miguel’s baby continues to struggle for its life. Eve has warned Miguel to keep Kay calm, and to tell her anything he must to do so. Kay pressures Miguel to tell her that he will put Kay and their daughter above everything else, even Charity. Remembering his promise to Dr. Russell he tells her, “Even Charity.” Unable to listen, Charity leaves the room. She is followed by a weird, faceless talk blue creature. She worries aloud that she is losing Miguel and sits to cry. The blue figure touches her and she begins to ask it questions. It does not answer, but grabs her wrist. As the figure holds onto her wrist she sees Miguel leaning over a small casket. “Miguel’s baby?” she asks. “Who are you?” We learn that the creature is death.

Mrs. Wallace tries to keep Luis out of the basement while Beth finishes covering the pit. Beth comes back up and tries to convince Luis that she has taken care of everything. Sheridan looks as though she is about to pass out again.

In the hospital, Kay learns that Tabitha has given birth to a healthy girl. She decides to find her in the hopes that Tabitha can save her child. She is disappointed and scared, however, to learn that in order to save her daughter she must make a deal with the “good side.” She must make a deal with God.

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