Passions Update Friday 7/25/03

Passions Update Friday

By Sara
Pictures by Juanita

Tabitha is enjoying a wide variety of Asian cuisine when the doorbell rings. Julian has paid her a visit, saying “We have to talk.” He wants to talk about their baby. The door closes, and we find Rebecca lurking outside. She wants to know the identity of Julian’s “floozy.”

In coach, Theresa continues to talk of her fateful relationship with Ethan. He leaves Gwen (still rumbling about being away from Theresa) to use the lavatory. As the lavatory in first class is occupied, he must use the one located in coach.

In Lala land Fox, Syd, Chad and Whitney are still hanging out on the Promenade. When Syd takes the stage to perform her single, Whitney becomes visibly worried. Fox continues his deviousness, telling Whitney that (on the way over) Syd talked nonstop about Chad. At Tabitha’s, Julian asks about the side effects of her pregnancy. She chides him, saying that it is none of his business. But, we are treated to a montage of all the interesting events that have taken place while she has carried the child. Tabitha becomes upset, and orders Julian out of the house. The baby has other ideas, however and pulls Julian back to the house.

On the plane, Theresa is still going on about fate. She begins to show her confidante a picture of Ethan (it is unclear whether or not this is Ethan or Little Ethan) when she drops her wallet. As she ducks down, Ethan (who is still waiting in line) glances in her direction. Once again fate has kept Theresa and Ethan apart.

In the Wallace kitchen, Beth appears confident that the DVD will arrive at the Harmony PD in a matter of minutes. Edna has doubts and says that Charlie has probably hit the road. She and Precious practice playing victim. Beth heads back downstairs tacking Luis as he nears the pit.

Syd is singing, “Let me show you how a woman does it,” and she really seems to be feeling her words. As she sings, Fox suggests that she really seems to know what she’s talking about. Whitney wonders what that means, and Fox says, “She seems to know a lot about taking another woman’s man.” Syd finishes singing and kisses Chad on the cheek and thanks him for his help. She says that she gets a good vibe from him and they make a great team. Fox orders champagne.

As Luis and Beth come up from the floor, he asks “What the hell happened?” Beth just wanted to warn him about the rats, she tells him in a whisper. Why is she whispering? She doesn’t want to wake the rats (or Sheridan). Luis continues calling out to Sheridan. She’s nearly unconscious, but she responds, barely audible, saying “Luis, Luis.”

On the phone with Theresa, Whitney complains that her romantic day with Chad has been ruined. “I just wish she hadn’t shown up,” she says, “something feels funny.” Fox overhears this and says that is he has it his way Whitney will spend “less and less time alone with Chad,” and more time with him.

After nearly being strangled by his unborn, Julian says he needs a Martimmy. Tabitha laments that is was a Martimmy that got them into this mess in the first place. This leads to another montage. This time it’s a flashback to their night of passion [Julian as Austin Powers, as a flamenco dancer, and as Tarzan in a loincloth]. Suddenly Rebecca barges in and demands to know what’s going on.

The champagne arrives and Fox proposes a toast. Syd wants to make a toast of her own and pulls Chad away from the group. She holds up her glass as she says, “To us.”

Sheridan is awake. “Luis!” She shouts. “Luis!” He hears her. “Don’t you worry. I’m going to get you out of here,” he promises. Rebecca and Julian are arguing as she demands to know just who this floozy is and where she is hiding. Tabitha goes into labor.

Back in coach, Theresa is typing into her journal. She is “thousands of miles away from Ethan and yet in my heard I feel so close to him.” If she only knew…in first class, Ethan talks to the baby and it kicks. Gwen and Ethan have never looked so close.

In the pit, we see that Sheridan was only dreaming. Her previous screams were actually barely audible whispers. Luis nearly falls in the hole, just as Beth comes back down the steps. He yells one final time, and she hears him. The episode ends as she calls out, “Luis, Luis…”

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