Passions Update Thursday 7/24/03

Passions Update Thursday 7/24/03

By Sarah
Pictures by Juanita

Chad and Whitney continue their fun in a nightclub on the promenade. As they dance slowly, they recall the problems of their life in Harmony and Chad proclaims, “Nothing is ever going to come between us.”  Meanwhile Fox and Sid are on their way to interrupt the idyllic duo’s romantic evening. Sid shares her goals with Fox, saying that she will “do anything and then some” to make it to the top.

Back in Harmony, Gwen is making final preparations for the trip to Los Angeles, “3,000 miles away from Theresa,” she says with glee. Just as Gwen finishes her packing, Theresa is saying goodbye to Little Ethan as she prepares for a trip of her own. Luis arrives at Beth’s door where he notices something different about her. Could it be her hair? Luis continues to insist that Beth looks different in some way; he just can’t pinpoint it.  Beth begins to panic and runs to the kitchen to put on her sugar shack. If she’s not wearing it, who is? Precious, that’s who. It looks like Beth isn’t the only one infatuated with Luis. Precious has a fantasy of her own as she imagines that she has given birth to Luis’s love child. With the help of her mother, Beth gets her sugar sack on just as Luis bursts into the kitchen accusing Beth of not being pregnant. Beth breaks down, blaming it on hormones and allows Luis to touch the “baby.”

Gwen confirms her flight with the airline and, talking to no one in particular, announces that she will not let Theresa win. As Theresa calls to confirm her own flight, it becomes apparent that she and the Winthrops will be on the same flight. Trouble in the skies is definitely ahead. But, trouble isn’t just brewing in the skies.

After sharing a kiss, Chad apologizes to Whitney for having to work on their first day in L.A. He promises it will all be worth it because he and Sid will “make some beautiful music together.”  Recording star Mya, performs her latest single while Chad and Whitney continue to dance. In the apartment, Fox imagines that Whitney catches Chad and Sid kissing as he is there to pick up the pieces of her broken heart.

After the performance Mya welcomes Chad to Los Angeles, telling him that she knows he will be big. She also mentions that she knows all about Sid. Just then, Fox arrives with Sid and it becomes clear that Whitney had no idea Sid was “all woman.” As Chad and Sid leave to prepare for a performance in the club, Fox continues to slyly place doubts in her head.

Theresa, Gwen, and Ethan are all on their way to Los Angeles (Gwen and Ethan in first class; Theresa in coach). As Gwen drifts off to sleep, she imagines that Theresa is on the flight. She is awaked by the scent of Theresa’s perfume. Ethan assures her that Theresa is not on the flight. In coach, Theresa relays the story of her love affair with Ethan to a seemingly interested passenger.

In the meantime, Beth encourages Luis to return to the station. He will, but not until he searches her basement. Beth has removed the fuse, leaving Luis in the dark. She tries to get him back upstairs, but he has brought along a flashlight. “A good cop is always prepared,” he says. But, is Luis a good cop or is that just a pipedream? Perhaps we’ll find out tomorrow when Luis cries out, “Sheridan,” from the basement and Tabitha’s baby is on its way.

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