Passions Update Wednesday 7/23/03

Passions Update Wednesday 7/23/03

By Clorinda
Pictures by Juanita

Syd is happy to finally meet Chad. She wants to run some tracks with him, but Chad seems to be reluctant. He is in a hurry to return to Whitney. Syd's agent encourages him to take the time to work with Syd. She reminds him that he is at a new job and it would be to his benefit to cooperate.

Syd requests that Chad play track six. She tells him that it is one of her favorites. She slyly tells him that she couldn't wait to meet the man who wrote it. Chad can't believe how Syd can sing. He is impressed with how Syd can sing his song. Chad is oblivious to Syd's attraction to him and her open flirting.

Chad finally manages to get free and rush home to Whitney.

Whitney is waiting patiently for Chad's return. She changes into a beautiful new outfit. When Fox sees her, he practically drools. He tells her how great she looks. He also vows that one day soon, he will be the one Whitney is waiting for.

Chad arrives and Whitney throws herself into his arms. They kiss as Chad then tells her he has a special night planned. He offers to take Whitney to a place called the Marina. He says it is one of the hottest night spots in L.A. he gives Fox an apology because he wants to be alone with Whitney. Chad says that he fully understands and sends them on their way. His brain is working overtime, trying to come up with a way to interrupt the couple's romantic evening.

The answer comes to Fox, when Syd knocks at the door looking for Chad.

Clown Beth realizes that she did not actually kill Sheridan. She still plans on going through with her last minute scheme to get Sheridan to make the DVD. Sheridan comes to and promises to make the damned DVD. In return she asks for more food and her prenatal vitamins.

Edna laughs in Beth's face when Beth tells her that Sheridan will make the DVD. Edna asks if Luis will buy the DVD saying that Sheridan is in Paris. Edna reminds her that Sheridan is bleeding and dirty. She also says that the background is an old basement, not a beautiful Paris sidewalk cafe. Beth tells her to shut up because everything will work out fine.

Edna goes upstairs and stays out of sight with Precious. The ape found Beth's "pregnancy sack of sugar" that she wears to fool Luis. Precious then has a dream that she is having Luis' baby.

Time is running out for Beth. She gets Sheridan cleaned up as well as made up. Sheridan is sporting jewelry and a clean dress. She makes the DVD for Beth. Beth quickly hands it off to Charlie. Charlie says she knows what to do with it.

Beth makes Sheridan climb back down into the pit.

Luis arrives just after Charlie leaves. He calls to Beth to open the door. Beth is still in her clown disguise. She answers Luis in her disguised voice. Luis asks if someone is in there with her.

Beth pretends she has a frog in her throat and asks Luis to wait a minute.

She quickly changes out of her clown disguise. So quickly that she forgot her sack of sugar. She answers the door not looking pregnant.

Luis comes in as Beth ties to stall for time. Luis keeps looking at Beth. He tells her that something is different. Beth then realizes she is not wearing her sugar sack. She begins to panic.

Kay does not know that her baby was moved to intensive care. Miguel tells everyone that Kay will be a wonderful mother. He shows genuine admiration as he tells everyone how Kay could only focus on their baby. He recounts how much pain she went through, but only thought of the baby.

Kay manages to get Eve to bring her to the baby's side. Kay gets angry when she sees both Grace and Charity near the baby. Kay goes off especially on Charity. She blames Charity for bringing on the premature labor. She says that all of Charity's negative talk made the labor come on. She then asks if Charity is waiting around for the baby to die. She orders Charity out of the room. Eve chases everyone out except Miguel.

Fox plans on using Syd to ruin Chad and Whitney's romantic evening.

Sheridan sits quietly in the pit, praying for Luis. She is unaware that he is right upstairs.

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