Passions Update Tuesday 7/22/03

Passions Update Tuesday

By Clorinda
Pictures by Juanita

Kay manages to deliver a baby girl. She is overjoyed at the birth of her daughter. Miguel is there to support Kay through the delivery. Eve takes the baby to be cleaned and prepped. Kay then fearfully notices that her newborn daughter is not crying. She screams to Eve and asks Eve why the baby is not crying. The attending nurse tells Eve that the baby is not breathing. Eve leaves Kay's side to begin CPR on the baby. Kay refuses to be still inspire of the warning of the other attending doctors. They tell her if she does not lie still she won't be around to raise the baby she just delivered. Kay tires her best to stay calm but can't stop praying and begs Eve to save her daughter. Kay promises to lay still but refuses to have anymore anesthetic.

Everyone is standing outside the delivery room praying for Kay's baby to survive. Charity then tells everyone that she saw the baby die in one of her premonitions. This crushes the last ray of hope for everyone praying. Sam, Grace and Pilar look in. They see that the baby is not breathing. Everyone is sure that the baby will die.

Jessica shows up with John to find out that Kay had a baby girl. Charity delivers the news that the baby is not breathing.

While the family is holding hands praying, Ivy wheels over to Sam and takes his hand. She uses even this tragedy to get close to him. She assures Sam that she is there for him. This hurts Grace even further.

Outside the delivery room, Theresa waits for her family. She prays for everyone in her family, including the baby and asks God for a sign about her future with Ethan. She is moved to tears watching Ethan and Gwen comfort each other over the news of Kay's baby.

Pilar urges Theresa to go and visit Whitney. She knows that her daughter is still harboring dreams of getting Ethan. Theresa agrees and goes to call Whitney.

Ivy and Rebecca are thrilled that Gwen and Ethan decided to go to L.A. as soon as possible. They urge Ethan not to tell a soul.

Eve performs CPR. She turns to Miguel and Kay and tells them she did all she could.

Kay screams, "NO!"

When the family hears this, they are convinced that the baby is gone.

Fox arranges for Chad to be away at the studio longer than Whitney expected. He is enjoying the time he arranged to be alone with Whitney. He has a fantasy that he and Whitney make love. He dreams that they kiss in the pool and then Whitney begs him to take her upstairs.

The phone rings Fox back to reality. Theresa is calling to tell Whitney about her new niece. She also thrills Whitney by telling her she is coming to visit. Fox seems glad to have her.

Chad meets Syd Valentine. She is the singer that will be singing his songs. Chad is supposed to make her a star. Chad seems reluctant to commit to that idea.

Sheridan manages to briefly escape her captor. She tries to outrun Clown Beth. Beth tackles her to the ground. Sheridan keeps crying help and calling out Luis' name. She tries one last dash for freedom and Beth tackles her hard. Sheridan appears unconscious. Charlie shows up and Beth tells her she fears she accidentally killed Sheridan.

Luis has a bad dream that Sheridan is calling for him and needs him desperately. He also dreams he knows where she is. He tells Hank as he gets his gun. When he awakes, he is angry Hank let him doze off for so long. He tells Hank that they have to conclude the house to house search immediately.

Beth hears the police sirens as she looms over Sheridan's lifeless body.

(This update is shorter than usual due to break in coverage of the Jessica Lynch story.)

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