Passions Update Monday 7/21/03

Passions Update Monday

By Lisa
Pictures by Juanita

Sheridan Agrees to Beth’s Demands to Save Her Baby:

After having sand bags of dirt poured on top of her, Sheridan finally agrees to make the DVD for Luis to save her baby.  Beth, so enraged with hate for Sheridan, ignores her plea and continues to fill in the pit.  Charlie then storms in and tries to get Beth to stop filling the pit, but she has obviously been bitten by the bug of rage.  It is not until Charlie forcefully knocks a sand bag out of Beth’s hands that she finally takes a moment to listen.  Meanwhile, back at the Harmony P.D. Luis continues to nap at his desk forcing the search for Sheridan to be delayed until he wakes up.  Beth then decides to bring Sheridan up from the pit herself to make the DVD, and Sheridan tries to make a run for it.  Beth runs after her and tackles her to the ground kicking and screaming.

Miguel & Kay’s Baby is Born!

Praying for the survival of Kay and her baby, and anxious family waits outside her room for the baby to be delivered.  Inside, Dr. Russell explains to Kay that the baby is in distress and will have to be delivered via C-Section.  A frightened Kay holds on tight to Miguel praying that she does not loose the baby.  Despite the many complications in the delivery the baby is born and it’s a girl!!!  The nurses then prepare the baby for NICU and find that she is not breathing.  Kay, in disbelief of the situation, screams out that her baby is dead and the family is left outside her room in horror.

Edna Tries to Stop Her Daughter’s Evil Plan:

After hearing the horrifying screams of sweetheart Sheridan being buried alive, Edna decides that the plan to kill Sheridan must be stopped.  She actually works up the courage to call the Harmony P.D. and report the kidnapping.  Edna unknowingly speaks with Hank and tells him that there is a crime being committed, but is cut off when Charlie snatches the phone from her.  Charlie hangs up the phone and explains to Edna that it is unnecessary to report the murder because Sheridan has finally agreed to make the DVD for Luis.

Ethan & Gwen Make Their Plans for Life in L.A.:

Despite their rush to get to Los Angeles, Gwen advises Ethan to stay at the hospital until he gets news on the condition of his half sister, Kay and her baby.  Ivy overhears Gwen’s suggestion and pushes her to leave with Ethan right away to rid themselves of Theresa.  Little does the happy couple know that Theresa will be joining them in L.A.!  Theresa, under the impression that Ethan and Gwen will stay in Harmony to have the baby, tells Pilar at the hospital that she wants to give Gwen and Ethan their space so that she can deliver a healthy baby.  She believes that the best place for her to go is to L.A. with Chad and Whitney and makes plans with her mother to take care of Little Ethan.

Whitney Sees the Hero in Fox:

Proving to Whitney that he is not all talk, Fox takes a brave approach to defending his love at the pool atrium.   Fox uses to his advantage the fast land life that Chad will be exposed to now that his is a big shot music producer in L.A.  He scares Whitney into thinking that she will never have true quality time with him anymore.  He decides to cheer her up and cool her down by jumping in the pool.  On the way Fox and Whitney run into two of Fox’s old friends who try to hit on Whitney.  Whitney is offended by their obnoxiousness when Fox takes the initiative and shoves one of the guys into the pool.  The two troublemakers get the picture and leave Fox and Whitney alone.  Whitney then praises Fox for being so courageous and thanks him from the bottom of her heart.  Fox explains to Whitney that he is not like his two old friends and confesses that his life has changed because he knows true love now.

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