Passions Update Friday 7/18/03

Passions Update Friday

By Lisa
Pictures by Juanita

Grace Turns to David for Support:

 After her argument with husband Sam, Grace confides in David Ivy’s accusations of her being the cause of Kay’s pre-mature labor.  David comforts Grace as Sam watches from afar.  Sam then confronts Ivy about her scheme to break him and Grace up when Ivy brings up her concern for the safety of Gwen and Ethan’s baby.  Sam realizes that he is being a bit inconsiderate and apologizes to her for his erratic behavior.  Once in the clear, Ivy continues to badmouth Grace to Sam.  To Ivy’s surprise, she sees that Sam is actually beginning to believe her accusations about Grace.

Beth Has New Plans for Sheridan:

Running out of time to divert Luiz from searching her basement, Beth decides to fill in Sheridan’s pit with dirt if she does not agree to make the DVD.  After Sheridan refuses yet again, Beth grabs Charlie to help her start filling in the pit while Edna and Precious watch from the sidelines in horror.  Back at the Harmony PD, Hank finds Luiz asleep on his desk and decides to let him rest for an extra hour before they start the search again for Sheridan…after all what could happen in an hour?

Miguel Puts Kay and the Baby First:

Kay kicks her mother out of her hospital room when she accuses Grace on only being there to keep Kay company while Miguel spends time with Charity.  Meanwhile Miguel finds Charity praying in the hospital chapel and updates her on Kay’s condition.  He tells Charity that he is to blame for Kay’s pre-mature labor.  Charity insists that Miguel is not to blame when Pilar interrupts to tell Miguel that Kay needs him by her side.  He decides to put Kay and the baby first and leaves Charity in the chapel by herself.  Back in Kay’s hospital room Dr. Russell tells Kay’s nurse that they are preparing an operating room to deliver the baby because the baby is in distress and her labor is not progressing at a healthy rate. 

Fox Grows Close to Whitney:

Missing in action due to work at the record label, Chad leaves Whitney in the care of good friend Fox.  The two enjoy their new L.A. lifestyle while tanning out at the pool at their complex.  Fox impresses Whitney by turning down women who approach him and explaining to her that he is in search for true love now and done with his days of promiscuity.  He offers to put sun block on her back and to his surprise she returns the favor.  Whitney then gets a phone call from Chad telling her that he had to work a little bit longer.  A crushed Whitney turns to Fox for support as Fox has yet another opportunity to get closer to Whitney.

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