Passions Update Thursday 7/17/03

Passions Update Thursday 7/17/03

By Lisa
Pictures by Juanita

Kay and Miguel Fight to Save Their Baby’s Life:

 As Dr. Russell continues to get more information on the status of Kay she looses faith in the fate of the baby.  Miguel continues to remain by Kay’s side to help her through the contractions.  Outside Kay’s hospital room John comforts a devastated Charity and commends her for being able to deal with her situation.  Back inside Kay’s room she confides to Miguel that she could not make it through the pre-mature labor without him and begs him not to leave her or the baby’s side.  Promising to only be gone for a moment, Miguel sneaks away to check on Charity.  Eve leaves Kay’s room to give the waiting family the news that even though Kay is improving the baby is not likely to survive.  Grace questions Dr. Russell about what could have contributed to Kay’s pre-mature labor and she tells the family that it could have been due to large amounts of stress in her life.  After hearing Dr. Russell Miguel has a flashback to the way he had been treating Kay recently and admits to everyone that if anything happens to the baby he would be the one to blame for not treating Kay with more care.  Pilar tells Miguel that he is not to blame but he insists that he caused the stress that lead Kay to pre-mature labor and leaves to be by her side.  In Kay’s hospital Dr. Russell makes plans to deliver Kay and Miguel’s pre-mature baby by alerting the Neo-Natal ICU.  Kay and Miguel overhear Dr. Russell’s plans and are frightened for the survival of their child.  Kay continues to lean on Miguel for her support has Charity watches her love grow closer to Kay.

Sam & Grace Reunite Over Kay:

As Kay’s parents support each other in their time of need, Ivy forces David to help her come up with a plan that will drive a wedge between Sam and Grace.  After hearing that stress caused Kay to go into pre-mature labor, Ivy uses the information to guilt Grace into thinking she is a bad mother.  Ivy taunts Grace about not being there for her daughter ad that she is to blame for Kay’s suffering.  Grace defends herself against Ivy when they are interrupted by Sam.  He forces Ivy to leave Grace alone but Grace believes that Sam thinks Ivy’s accusations about her are right.  Sam and Grace begin to argue and Ivy knows that she has successfully planted her wedge driving seed against Sam and Grace’s relationship. 

Luiz Plans to Continue His Search For Sheridan:

Despite all the evidence supporting the idea that Sheridan left Harmony on her own free will, Luiz has his gut feeling set on the possibility of Sheridan being kidnapped and in great danger.  At the crack of dawn Hank finds Luiz at the police station already immerged in the search for Sheridan.  Hanks suggests to Luiz that he slow down and get some rest.  Luiz tells Hank that he will not rests until he knows for sure that Sheridan is safe.  Luiz and Hank take a walk down to the docks waiting to resume the search at Beth’s basement and Luiz tells Hank that he and Sheridan are meant to be together but unknown forces keep them from being together.  He remembers his past life with Sheridan on the Titanic, which motivated him even further to find her.  Luiz has the gut feeling that his love is in danger and prays for her to hold on a little bit longer until he finds her and vows to not let past history repeat itself.

Beth Gives Sheridan an Ultimatum:

Either make the DVD so that Luiz can see that Sheridan is in Paris…or else is the threat that Bath makes on Sheridan.  Charlie, mama Edna, and Precious have doubts about Beth’s plan to starve Sheridan and her baby unless she agrees to make the DVD.  Sheridan refuses Beth masquerading in her clown suit and knows that Luiz is searching for her.  Beth fires a warning shot at Sheridan to scare her into making the DVD but Sheridan still refuses to give in.  

Fox, Whitney & Chad Arrive in L.A.:

The trio arrives in L.A. and are surprised when Fox rents a Mercedes convertible to do a little sightseeing around Hollywood in.  Set against the music of Madonna’s Hollywood the three visit Santa Monica Pier, the NBC studios, and the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  They eventually end up at a savvy coffee house to search for apartments in Los Angeles.  Shad and Whitney realize that they will not be able to afford the high rent that L.A. is famous for when Fox offers for the couple to come stay with him at the apartment the Crane’s own.  After reviewing their financial status Chad and Whitney agree to Fox’s offer.  Fox see this as an opportunity to win over Whitney as his roommate.

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