Passions Update Wednesday 7/16/03

Passions Update Wednesday 7/16/03

By Clorinda
Pictures by Juanita

Gwen sits in her hospital bed happily talking to herself that Ethan loves her.

She rubs her still swollen stomach praying that she can hold onto her baby.

Gwen then has a horrible daydream that she lost her baby. Theresa then walks in and tells Ethan she will give him a baby. Theresa kisses Ethan as Gwen yells, "NO!"

Rebecca and Ivy walk into Gwen's room. They tell her that they have found a way for her to keep Ethan.

Both women tells Gwen to be realistic and realize that she can't lose her baby.

Ivy and Rebecca found the perfect doctor for Gwen's case. The doctor is in L.A. Rebecca thinks it is the perfect place. It is still on the continent and yet, far enough away from Theresa. Ivy and Rebecca try their best to get Gwen to go to L.A. Ethan overhears this and flatly refuses to go. Eve walks in and hears this. Ethan puts the question to Gwen himself. Gwen thinks of Theresa stealing Ethan away. Her insecurities get the better of her. She eagerly agrees to go to L.A.

Theresa rushes to the hospital as she gets Pilar's message. Theresa is distressed to find out about Kay's condition. Pilar and Theresa have a heart to heart. Theresa tells Pilar about the fire at the Blue Note. She also tells Pilar that Whitney, Chad and Fox just headed out to L.A.

Pilar warns Theresa to watch out for Fox. She tells her daughter that Fox is a lot like Julian. Theresa says she does not see it. She also tells her mother that Fox is in love and love changes people.

Pilar then realizes that when Theresa talks about love, she is still thinking about Ethan.

Pilar can't believe that Theresa still has hopes of getting Ethan back.

Whitney has a disturbing dream on the plane to L.A. Whitney dreams that she is playing tennis with another man. She seems to be in love with this man, who is not Chad. They are talking about her sidetracked tennis career. The man tells Whitney that he can't believe that she chucked it all for some guy who wanted her to sing in smoky night clubs. Whitney then kisses the new man in her life.

As Whitney is talking to her new man, Simone shows up. She calls Whitney a slut.

Whitney then wakes up and is extremely upset. Fox is there to comfort her. She tells Fox about her dream. He is once again hoping to the other man. Whitney tells Fox that she doesn't know why she would dream such a thing. Fox is hoping that it is a hint of things to come.

Whitney tells Fox that she would never hurt Chad.

Fox says he understands she would never do that unless, Chad hurt her.

Chad shows up and asks Whitney what is going on. She explains about her dream. Chad comforts Whitney by saying that it was probably Simone's suggestion of a new man that that brought the dream on. He knows she loves him and that they will be together forever.

Pilar tells her daughter that she should go to L.A. for a while. She says that Theresa could be there for Whitney while she is getting settled. It would also put some space between her and Ethan. Pilar wants Gwen to deliver a healthy baby. She thinks it would be best if Theresa left town until Gwen and Ethan's baby is born.

Pilar and Theresa are unaware that Ethan is headed to L.A. now.

Ethan is on the phone to the airline making reservations.

He tells them that his wife is pregnant and needs first class accommodations.

Edna and Charlie are still laughing at Beth's last plan. They think that Beth's plan to get Sheridan to call Luis was a waste of time.

Beth then has a new plan. She wants to try to tape Sheridan's voice answering questions that Luis may ask her over the phone. They think this idea is just as dumb.

Beth then grabs a video camera and tells Sheridan she is going to make a tape for Luis. Sheridan asks if it will be made in her comfy pit.

When Clown Beth orders her to make the tape, Sheridan refuses.

She says no way in hell will she help her. She also swears to hunt her kidnappers down once she gets out of there.

Clown Beth then threatens to cut off Sheridan's food and water if she doesn't make the tape. She also says no pre-natal vitamins for her baby.

Beth says that if Sheridan doesn't cooperate for herself she should think of the baby.

Sheridan digs in her heels. She once again refuses to help her captors.

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