Passions Update Tuesday 7/15/03

Passions Update Tuesday

By Clorinda
Pictures by Juanita

Simone slaps Whitney and orders her to get on the plane to L.A. and never come back.

Theresa defends her best friend and Simone turns on her. She accuses Theresa of keeping quiet about Whitney's affair. She tells Theresa that she should have come forward with the truth.

Chad then tries to defend Whitney. Simone gets angry and slaps him across the face too. She then warns Chad. She tells him that her sister is basically very selfish. She warns him that Whitney will leave him when someone better comes along. Chad tells Simoen that she is just being vengeful and jealous. Fox hears this and hopes that Simone is right. He plans on being that "someone better who comes along."

Julian's demon spawn continues to try to strangle him to death. Tabitha tries her get her little demon to control itself. John sees the scene. He remembers seeing Tabitha breathe fire earlier. He is sure he needs a good long rest.

Tabitha gets her demon under control. Julian accuses Tabitha of trying to kill him. He threatens to have her brought up on charges of attempted murder. Tabitha laughs him off. She says that it is his word against hers and to shut up about it. She tells him that he is being a cry baby. He insists that he be a part of his child's life. Tabitha says no way. She tells him to stay away from both her and the baby or he'll be sorry.

Clown Beth orders Sheridan to make a call to Luis. Sheridan again refuses. Beth fires warning shots at Sheridan in the hopes of getting her to change her mind. Edna and Charlie are sure that Sheridan is now dead. Edna is relieved to hear Sheridan's voice. She tries to reason with Beth. She makes the money offer again. Edna wants Beth to take it. Beth refuses because she still wants Luis.

Luis tells Hank that he will find Sheridan. He has men checking out all the places Sheridan could be in Paris. He knows that Sheridan is in Harmony.

Antonio comes to Luis with Sheridan's diary in hand. He looks upset and wants to know how Luis could have done it. Antonio is talking about Luis reading Sheridan's diary. Antonio feels that it was an invasion of privacy. Luis explains that he was searching for clues to Sheridan's kidnapping. Antonio understands that but he feels that Luis is wrong. He is sure that his wife's email was on the level. Antonio tells Luis that Sheridan is safe.

After talking to Antonio, both Hank and Luis are sure that Antonio did not read the parts of the diary discussing her love for Luis.

Luis tells Hank that he almost wishes Antonio did find out the truth. He wants it out in the open once and for all.

Beth orders Sheridan to make the call to Luis. Sheridan gives in and says that she will do it. She begins to fantasize that Luis will come to rescue her.

Sheridan tries to call Luis. The phone call does not go through.

Beth tells Sheridan that it was not a long distance call.

Sheridan then says, "Oh my god! I am still in Harmony."

Charlie and Edna are both after Beth for divulging too much information.

Once Sheridan realizes that she is still in Harmony, she refuses to make the cal. She knows Luis must be getting closer to finding her.

She tells Beth there is no way she will call Luis. Clown Beth in her disguised voice calls Sheridan a stubborn bitch and repeatedly fires the gun at her. After the smoke clears, Sheridan tells Beth that she is a lousy shot. She says that Luis is not. Luis will find her and then they will all be sorry.

Charlie grabs at Beth to get her away from the pit. She takes Beth aside and wants to try to come up with another plan. Both Charlie and Edna feel that Sheridan won't cooperate. They must think of another way to get Luis not to search their house.

Charity tells everyone, including Kay that a baby will tear their lives apart forever.

Kay goes off on Charity. She blames her for her baby's precarious condition. She reminds Charity that she was talking about a baby dying and then Kay's water broke. Kay blames Charity for bringing on the premature labor. Grace defends Charity. She tells Kay that poor Charity can't help her premonitions. Kay gets upset with her mother for taking Charity's side yet again.

Kay gets upset and she then goes into another painful contraction. Eve orders everyone out.

Gwen reaches over to say goodbye to Kay. She grabs her abdomen in pain. Ivy and Rebecca panic. Ethan takes Gwen back to her room. She passes the crisis for now.

Ivy and Rebecca get on the internet. They try to track down the very best doctor for Gwen.

Theresa and Whitney say their goodbyes. They both have tears in their eyes. Chad and Fox make fun of them. Whitney tells Theresa to come with her. Theresa remembers all the good and bad times that they shared as friends. Fox, Chad and Whitney get on the plane to L. A.

Fox watches Chad and Whitney. He is sure that he can make Simone's warning to Chad come true. He plans on taking Whitney away from Chad.

Miguel and Charity come to Kay's side. Kay tells Charity that she is selfish. She tells her that both she and Gwen had pains after her latest premonition. Charity leaves the room and goes to cry on John's shoulder. She tells John that she will lose Miguel forever.

Eve tells Grace and Miguel that the baby seems to be coming. The baby has a very slim chance of survival this early. Miguel panics and begs Eve to save Kay and their baby.

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