Passions Update Monday 7/14/03

Passions Update Monday

By Clorinda
Pictures by Juanita

Beth has an idea to get Luis off of Sheridan's trail. She dresses in her frightful clown outfit, complete with orange wig and voice changer. She goes to the pit and demands that Sheridan make a phone call. Sheridan reminds her kidnapper that she belongs to one of the wealthiest families in the world. She tells her clown kidnapper that "he" can have anything in the world that "he" wants if she is just turned loose. Beth and Edna listen to this plea. Edna grabs her daughter and takes her aside. She tells Beth that they could be set for life if they take the money. Edna gets dollar signs in her eyes and tells her Beth that she could buy a man and get him to look like Luis. They could all live happily ever after.

Beth considers this for a moment. Charlie even asks if the plan has changed. Beth then comes back to her reality and goes to Sheridan again. Beth demands that Sheridan make a phone call. Sheridan refuses to help her kidnapper. Sheridan can tell that something has gone wrong with the kidnappers plan.

Clown Beth demands that Sheridan call Luis and tell him that she is in Paris. Sheridan can tell that this means Luis is looking for her. She refuses to make the call.

Fox tells Whitney and Chad that they can fly to L.A. on the Crane private jet. Theresa tells Fox that nothing stands in the way of true love. Theresa still believes that she will be with Ethan and she is sure that Fox will eventually get his mystery woman. Fox has a daydream that he and Whitney are sharing a picnic. She thanks Fox for stopping her from making a mistake and marrying the wrong man. She tells Fox that she never loved Chad the way she loves him.

Julian asks Tabitha about the baby she is carrying. She admits that she is pregnant by him. Julian tells Tabitha that he has changed his ways where children are concerned. He wants to be a part of his child's life. When Julian turns his back, that demon reaches out and tries to grab his dear papa to be with a demon like claw. It manages to grab Julian by the neck.

John sees the scene and can't believe his eyes.

Julian thinks it is Tabitha who is choking him.

Simone is on her way to give Whitney a proper send off. She is still angry about her sister going off to a new life with Chad. Simone says she is going to give her sister the send off she deserves.

Whitney at first is glad to see Simone until she realizes how angry Simone is. Simone demands that Whitney get on the plane and get the hell out of her life forever.

Rebecca goes to Gwen and reminds her once again that Ethan will probably leave her if she loses the baby. Ethan gets angry that Rebecca is bringing that up again. He tells her to back off. Gwen gets upset and her blood pressure goes up. Ivy rolls in and asks what is going on. When Rebecca tells Ivy of her suspicions that Theresa will be after Ethan if Gwen loses the baby, Ivy agrees. This angers both Ethan and Gwen. They decide to take a walk and visit Kay. They want Kay to know that she is not the only one who is having trouble with her pregnancy.

Kay is crying for Miguel who can only think of Charity. Kay keeps calling for him. He stays with Kay for a little while and then goes to Charity. Charity tells Miguel that he doesn't have to stay with her. She tells him to go to Kay. Miguel says that he is doing this for him, not for Charity. Kay gets angry with her cousin once again. When Miguel arrives she begs him not to leave her. He says he will be there when she needs him. Kay insists that she needs him now. Grace intervenes and tells Miguel that she will stay with Kay. Kay asks her mother if she will ever take her side in anything.

Gwen goes to Kay and tells her that she is not alone, she and Ethan are thinking of her. Kay says that she is alone. Miguel is not with her when she needs him the most.

Miguel and Charity show up. Charity starts reciting yet another one of her premonitions. She sees a baby that will destroy everyone. When Charity announces this, Kay glares at her.

Eve tells Grace and Sam that Kay's chances of keeping the baby are very slim.

Luis reads Sheridan's diary, in the hopes of finding a clue to her where-a-bouts. He knows that he and Sheridan are connected. He trusts his gut. He feels that Sheridan is in Harmony. Luis tells Hank that Sheridan wrote many intimate details of their relationship.

She feels that same way about Luis. That they are and always will be connected. They have been in love in past lives and will always be each other's soul mate.

Hank warns Luis not to let Antonio see the diary. They both agree that it would be the worst way for Antonio to find out the truth about his wife.

Luis tells Hank that he has a list of all of Sheridan's favorite places in Paris. He is going to call them to prove that Sheridan is not in Paris but in Harmony and in danger.

Antonio finds Sheridan's diary. He is a little outraged that Luis would read it. He says that as Sheridan's husband, he is entitled to. He picks up the diary that will finally expose him to the truth about his marriage.

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