Passions Update Thursday 7/10/03

Passions Update Thursday 7/10/03

By Eric & Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Sam questions Julian and Eve about what they were doing outside of the club. Sam tells Liz that she can press charges against Julian. Liz has a flashback to when she and Julian were arguing. She tells them that if Julian pays to rebuild the club, she won't press charges. Eve urges him to take the offer.. Whitney says goodbye to Eve and T.C. before she leaves with Chad, but T.C. won't look at her. Eve flashes back to Liz telling her how she was going to ruin Whitney's life. Eve asks Whitney to promise not to pursue her singing career so Whitney asks her why, but Eve won't tell her. After they leave, T.C. yells at Eve for supporting Whitney's decision and breaking their family apart. Whitney tells Chad that she's not sure if going to L.A. is the right thing but she's going anyway. Fox still plots to make Whitney his.

Charity is in bed with Miguel by her side and Tabitha in the room. Charity doesn't remember going to sleep or Tabitha being there. Tabitha flashes back to Charity learning about her secret demon child. Charity says there is something wrong with Tabitha's baby. Tabitha says she's probably just having a premonition about Kay's problems.

Kay is rushed to the hospital, going into early labor. At first Miguel is nowhere to be found, so Kay doesn't want to go to the hospital without him. Finally he arrives and they leave, along with Charity and the rest of the family (plus the new actress playing Jessica appears). The doctor tells Grace that Kay and the baby are in danger. Grace wants to visit her but the doctor says Miguel is the only one she wants to see. Miguel stays by her side, and Charity is sure she has lost him. Tabitha is at the hospital and a nurse listens to her baby's heartbeat (I forget why but it wasn't Tabitha's idea). She hears a weird sound, kind of like a pig squealing, which startles her. Tabitha says it was probably just gas.

Antonio is sure that Sheridan is safe due to the fake email from Paris that Beth had sent. Luis doesn't think so. He puts the search back on, making Antonio suspicious. He doesn't think Sheridan would leave without saying goodbye. Hank tries to help cover up to make Luis just look like a concerned family member. Hank and Beth agree with Antonio that Sheridan is in Paris, but Luis insists that they will research every house in the town (no civil rights in Harmony I guess!). He wants to start with Beth's basement but she screams out "no" and then covers it by saying that it's late and her poor sick mother is in bed. Luis agrees to start there the next morning instead.

PREVIEWS: Kay's baby is in danger, Luis and Sheridan are together and
Sheridan yells "BETH KIDNAPPED ME!" (Boy, I hope it is the real thing.)

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