Passions Update Wednesday 7/9/03

Passions Update Wednesday 7/9/03

By Clorinda
Pictures by Juanita

Whitney can't believe Eve's change of heart and neither can TC. Liz tells TC once again that Eve changed her mind to deliberately undermine him. TC can't understand why Eve would give her blessing to Whitney and send her off to L.A. with Chad. Liz knows Eve's reasons but keeps them to herself.

Eve tells Julian that Liz is winning. Liz is getting just what she wants. Eve reminds Julian that her marriage and family are falling apart. Julian explains to Eve that due to Liz's threats, she had no other choice but to send Whitney off with Chad.

Eve remembers back to her last conversation with Liz. Liz tells Eve that she will give Whitney her "start" at the Blue Note. Liz is sure that after Whitney gets into music, sex and drugs will soon follow.

Eve asks Liz how she could do something like that. She questions her love for Whitney. Liz admits she does love her niece, but hates Eve more than she loves Whitney.

Eve realizes that Julian is right. Whitney needs to be with Chad so he can protect her from Liz and her sick revenge.

Julian gets Liz alone and tells her not to be too smug. He says that Eve and TC will patch things up as soon as she leaves town. He also nods to the burned out jazz club. He reminds Liz that her only reason for staying in Harmony has been burned to the ground.

He asks Liz what excuse she will come up with to stay in town.

The fire marshal announces to everyone that the fire was deliberately set. Liz wants that arsonists caught. Sam reminds everyone that whoever set the fire is not only guilty of arson, but of attempted murder as well.

Julian steps in to protect Eve. He takes the blame for the fire. He explains that he did not deliberately set the fire but he did leave old cans of gas laying around. He apologizes to everyone. This is not good enough for TC. He reminds Julian that 4 people almost died tonight. TC grabs Julian and tries to kill him. Sam gets TC to back off. TC questions Julian as to why he is at the club at night. He also wants to know why Eve is there with him.

Eve worries that Liz will blow the whistle on her. TC asks Eve one last time, why she would send their daughter off with Chad. Eve flashes back to the frightening dream she had where Whitney is singing in the Blue Note, selling her body for drugs.

Eve looks TC and tells him she is sending Whitney away to protect her.

Simone sees that the water on Tabitha's kitchen floor is coming from Kay. Simone tells Kay that her water broke. Kay begins to scream, "No! It's too soon!"

Everyone hears Kay scream. They run into the kitchen. Grace realizes that Kay is in labor.

Kay sits on the kitchen floor in pain, waiting for the ambulance. When Ivy hears that Kay's life is in danger, she tells David that if Kay dies, it will be one less person who knows about them.

Miguel looks worried and tells Pilar that he must find Charity to tell her what happened.

Miguel goes off to find Charity.

Charity wandered into Tabitha's bedroom. She sees another Tabitha holding a demon baby. The demon baby spits fire at Charity. Tabitha then feeds the "baby" it's first bottle. It begins to drink a bottle of blood. Charity hears the other demon onlookers chanting. She tries to run from the room.

The real Tabitha finds Charity levitating in the bedroom alone. Charity turns to her and tells Tabby that she will warn everyone about the demon baby.

When Miguel shows up, he finds Charity asleep on the bed with Tabitha beside her. Charity wakes up to no real memory of what she saw.

Luis calls off the search for Sheridan. Beth is relieved. So relieved that she has a daydream, Cabaret style that Sheridan is getting what she deserves. Even Edna , Charlie and Precious are dressed in black dancing with the chorus girls, celebrating the fact that the blonde bimbo, twit is getting what she deserves. Beth calls Charlie and tells her that their plan is back on track.

Luis calls the airport to book a flight to Paris so he can search for Sheridan.

He remembers how they both swore never to be a part again.

Luis uses his cop sense and feels that Sheridan has met with foul play. He calls the investigation back on.

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