Passions Update Monday 7/7/03

Passions Update Monday

By Clorinda
Pictures by Juanita

Luis rushes into the Wallace home saying he must speak to Beth. Mrs. Wallace panics and tells Luis," They forced me to do it!"

Luis looks confused as Edna goes down on her knees. She begs Luis to forgive her.

Beth takes her mother aside and orders her to stop panicking.

Kay gets angry at her baby shower. She believes that Charity's premonition is a convenient way to get attention away from Kay. Kay goes off on Charity and tells her just how she feels. She also can't believe that Charity could sit there and say someone's baby is going die, while at a baby shower. Grace defends her niece. This makes Kay even angrier as she tells Grace she cares more for her dead sister's daughter than for her own. Kay calls Charity, Miss Future Shock. Jessica warns Kay not to call Charity names. Kay tries to get on with her shower. She opens a cute baby outfit and happily shows it to Miguel. Miguel just looks bored and uncomfortable. Grace goes to Kay and tells her she is really looking forward to being a grandmother. Grace then says, that both she and Sam are looking forward to being grandparents for the first time. Ivy cattily reminds Grace that Gwen is due before Kay. Ivy smiles that Sam will probably love his second grandchild as much as the first. Grace and Ivy go back and forth with mean barbs toward each other. Ivy relents not being able to tells Sam he was going to be a father. Pilar tells Ivy she choose to keep the secret. Ivy reminds Pilar that she kept her secret. Pilar says she had no real choice. She was employed by Ivy. Ivy accuses Grace of stringing two men along. As their war of words escalates, Charity sees the fire getting worse and more tragic.

The fire at the Blue Note rages out of control. Sam and TC are now trapped with the others. TC blames Chad for Whitney being in danger. Whitney tells her father to lighten up on Chad. She says this is not the time or the place.

Liz tells Eve if anyone does die in the fire, she will be a murderer.

The Harmony fire department tell Eve that they will attempt a rescue. Eve can't believe that they said "attempt." The fire chief points out that the roof is unstable. He says that the fire is spreading rapidly. There seems to be little hope of getting anyone out alive.

Eve begs them to save her family.

Sam has a plan. He wants to boost Whitney and Theresa up and out the window. Whitney can see through the plan. The men are trying to save the women. Before they can attempt Sam's plan, the roof caves in. The fire chief gives Eve his condolences. He says no one could have survived. Liz calls Eve a murderer as Eve weeps her heart out.

Julian looks up and sees Sam, Chad and Theresa survived the roof collapse. Eve screams, "Where is Whitney and TC?!?!" Theresa sees Whitney and tries to reach her. Theresa keeps screaming Whitney's name over and over. Sam restrains her, telling her, "NO!"

TC then walks slowly toward Theresa, carrying Whitney's lifeless body in his arms.

Beth realizes that Luis knows everything. She does defend her mother. Beth tells Luis that her mother had no choice but to go along with the plan. Luis tells Beth to get on with whatever she has to say, because he has an important email from Sheridan.

After hearing this, Beth covers for Edna by saying Precious does not have a license to work. Luis assures Edna he would not arrest her.

He then rushes off to read his email from Sheridan.

Edna corners Charlie with her walker and demands to know what she did.

Charlie sent a bogus email to Luis, pretending to be Sheridan. It says she is in Paris and the baby is fine. The email says she couldn't take the pressure anymore.

After seeing this, Antonio is convinced that Sheridan has not been kidnapped. He wants to call off the search. Luis relents and agrees to call off the search.

Charlie calls the pit, Sheridan's grave.

Kay gets Tabitha to give Miguel a bogus fix it job. Kay wants to get Miguel alone. She asks him what kind of father he wants to be. This seems to irritate him. He snaps at Kay.

Kay gets a pain in her abdomen.

John asks Tabitha if she has ever been pregnant. Tabitha remembers the time leading up to her pregnancy. She then belches up fire. Everyone at the party sees this.

Eve sees TC and Whitney through the flames. She screams, "My baby is dead!"

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