Passions Update Wednesday 7/2/03

Passions Update Wednesday 7/2/03

By Clorinda
Pictures by Juanita

It is a race against time as TC and Sam desperately try to save Whitney, Theresa, Fox and Chad from the inferno that once was the Blue Note. Eve watches in horror as she begs TC and Sam to save her baby. TC is horrified to realize that his daughter is caught in the blaze. He puts the blame on Chad. He feels that Chad put Whitney's life in danger. TC tells Eve that he will kill Chad if anything happens to their daughter. Eve tells him to stop talking like that and to concentrate on saving Whitney.

Liz gets Eve alone for a minute and calls her a murderer. She knows that Eve set fire to the Blue Note to run her out of town and save Whitney. Liz tells Eve that her efforts to save Whitney may have gotten her killed instead. Julian comes to Eve's defense. He tells Liz that if she hadn't backed Eve into a corner this would not have happened. He puts all the blame on Liz.

Kay bemoans the fact that she can't get Miguel and that she can't even get her own mother to care for her. Tabitha tells Kay to stop having a pity party for herself and concentrate on getting Miguel.

When the pair get home Kay looks into the window and sees that they have planned a surprise baby shower for her. Kay is thrilled. When she walks into the house everyone is sitting around asking Charity about her latest frightening premonition. Charity sees the fire getting worse. Kay swallows this information, realizing that once again Charity is upstaging her. This time at her own baby shower. Charity realizes how Kay feels and begs Kay to try again. She gets everyone to turn off the lights and tells Kay to walk in again and pretend to be surprised. Kay goes along and the party begins. Kay does her best to try to pull Miguel from Charity's side. He won't be budged very easily. Kay thanks her mother for making her favorite cake. They begin a friendly chat. Kay asks Grace what she craved when she was pregnant with her. Ivy feels the need to keep Kay and Grace apart so she goes up to Grace and asks her what she craved when she was carrying John. Grace then focuses her attention to John and David. Kay gets hurt and tells Tabby that Grace can't focus her attention on Kay for longer than a minute.

Grace gets engrossed in the conversation with David. Kay takes this opportunity to jab Ivy. She warns Ivy that she could blow her and David out of the water at any time. She tells Ivy to back off.

David sees Kay and reminds Ivy that Kay is right and could blow the whistle on their lie at any time. Ivy says she will handle Kay.

Kay gets an idea to get Miguel away from Charity for a few minutes.

She asks everyone at the party to fire baby names at her and Miguel. She takes Miguel reluctantly by the hand. Before Kay can put her plan into motion, Charity has another one of her annoying premonitions.

Charity hears Eve cry for someone to save her baby. Charity tells everyone that someone's baby is in danger.

Luis is just about to get ready to enter Beth's basement of horror until Antonio comes in. He stops Luis by announcing that Sheridan has been found. Luis asks what is going on. Antonio says they need to talk privately outside. Edna and Beth panic. They are afraid that Charlie ratted them out. Beth is sure Charlie would not do that. Edna asks Beth if she ever watches Law & Order. Edna is sure Charlie cut a deal to save her own hide.

Precious has a day dream that she is going to the electric chair. She has a fantasy about the love of her life Luis as Climax's love song "Precious and Few" plays in the background.

Luis finally comes into the Wallace house and Edna goes on her knees pleading innocence.

Explosions begin to rock the Blue Note. After one of the explosions, Eve and TC are sure that Whitney did not survive. Once they see that the foursome survived, TC and Sam rush the flames to bring everyone out. As they are trying to make their escape, a flaming piece of the ceiling falls in on them.

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