Passions Update Tuesday 7/1/03

Passions Update Tuesday

By Clorinda
Pictures by Juanita

Julian catches up with Eve at the Blue Note as it goes up in flames. He orders Eve to call the Harmony fire department while he searches for a hose. Eve refuses. She tells Julian she wants to see the Blue Note turned to a smoldering pile of rubble and all it's contents reduced to ashes. Eve is unaware that there are people inside, including her daughter Whitney.

Chad and Whitney share a dance as does Theresa and Fox. Fox wants to be with Whitney in the worst way and begins to fantasize about her again. Fox suggests that they switch dance partners for a while. Whitney agrees and begins dancing with Fox. Chad tells Theresa that he wants to hear some new music. He suggests that they go out to his car to get some of his CD's. As they open the door to the club the flames burst in on them. Theresa's sleeve catches fire. Chad grabs her and pushes her back inside. They manage to put out Theresa's sleeve. The foursome begin to panic when they realize that the building is burning down around them. Fox rushes to the phone but the line is dead.

Jessica, Simone and Charity plan a surprise baby shower for Kay. They manage to get Kay out of the house by tempting her cravings. Kay and Tabitha go to the wharf to get hot dogs. Kay wolfs down 3 dogs while Tabby has a craving for the condiments. She fills up o n catsup, mustard and relish. This makes her a little sick and her face turns red, yellow and green. Kay comments on it until Tabby makes a rather loud belch. After the belch, her face returns to normal. A drunk on the dock sees this and decides to give up the bottle for good.

Miguel tells John that he loves Charity and will be there for his baby but he will never be with Kay like Kay wants him to be.

Charity hopes Kay will change her evil ways once the baby is born. Jessica doubts it calling Kay a snake. After hearing this, Charity thinks she sees a snake slither under the baby blanket in the cradle.

Charity then has a premonition about flames and danger.

TC goes into his house to find the family picture Liz smashed on the floor at his feet. He questions Liz about it and she gives him some lame excuse that the picture slipped out of her hands when she was admiring it. TC claims that it seems everyone is on edge tonight. He remembers back to when Sam searched his shed. Sam comes back into the house to talk once again to TC. He tells TC that he should have gotten rid of "it" long ago. TC says he knows but he just can't. Sam tells TC that he is lucky to have met Eve. Eve probably stopped him from killing Julian Crane years ago and from ruining his own life in the process.

Liz listens to this and remembers what she saw when she went snooping in TC's shed. She then thinks back to the picture she took of Eve and Julian kissing. Liz smiles when she realizes the impact of the shed and the picture.

Sam gets a call that the Blue Note is on fire. Liz hears this and tags along telling Sam the club is now hers.

Fox tells Chad that all the escape exits are blocked. Chad gets a chair and throws it through the window. Eve, Julian, Liz and Sam an see that Chad, Fox, Theresa and Whitney are trapped inside. Eve begins to scream when she realizes that she put everyone including her own daughter in danger.

Beth almost eludes the police search of her house. Luis comes up and tells the cops that they must search even Beth's house. he plans on searching the basement himself. Beth gets him sidetracked from going into the basement, hoping to buy some time.

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