Passions Update Monday 6/30/03

Passions Update Monday

By Clorinda
Pictures by Juanita

Liz keeps baiting Eve over the fact that she has a damning picture of Eve kissing Julian.

She keeps holding the fact that she will soon be showing it to TC. TC gets sidetracked from seeing Liz's interesting picture when Sam shows up with some officers to search the house. The Russell home is just one of the houses being searched on the house to house search for Sheridan that Luis is conducting.

When the search is over, TC tells Sam that he is relieved, even though he has nothing to hide. Sam thanks his friend for being so understanding. Sam then tells TC that there is just one more place he must search. Sam asks to search TC's shed. TC gets angry and begs Sam not to make him do this. He then reluctantly tosses Sam the keys. Sam opens the door and then switches on the light. As Sam stares at the shed's contents he gasps, "Oh my God, No!"

Liz and Eve have it out once again. Liz assures Eve that she will destroy her marriage to TC and then get Whitney to follow in her mnother's footsteps by getting her to sing at her club the Blue Note. Liz reminds Eve that she is the owner and she will use the club to destroy Whitney.

Eve vows to stop her at any cost. Eve then takes off.

Julian sees Eve tear out of the house and wants to follow her to make sure she is alright.

He stops when he hears Sam and TC talking. When he hears Sam tells TC about the shed, Julian says, "Just what in the hell is in that shed?"

Julian waits for TC and Sam to leave and decides he must see for himself what is in the shed. When he opens the door he says, "Oh my God! If Eve's sees this, she will hate me and I'll lose her forever."

Chad, Whitney, Theresa and Fox have a private little party to the Blue note. It seems that everyone is happy over the bright future the is ahead for Chad and Whitney. While everyone is having fun, Fox is scheming to break up Chad and Whitney. He keeps having fantasies about being with Whitney.

When Theresa questions Fox about the wine that they are drinking he offers to show everyone the wine cellar in the basement.

Eve shows up with a gas can in her hands.

She peeks in the window of the Blue Note to make sure no one is inside. Since everyone is in the basement Eve assumes the place is empty. She douses the club with gas and sets it on fire. She says to herself, Liz won't be using this club to destroy her daughter or anyone else.

Beth panics when the police show up at her door to search her house. She does her best to talk the officers out of searching. Hank shows up and gets the officers to leave. Beth is almost in the clear until Luis intercepts them. He insists that Beth's house be searched. He says that since every home has to be searched he wants to set a good example. He orders the other officers to search the rest of the house while he personally will search the basement.

Sheridan is down in the pit, quietly begging Luis to rescue her.

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