Passions Update Thursday 6/26/03

Passions Update Thursday 6/26/03

By Eric
Pictures by Juanita

1. Eve, Julian and Liz- Liz continues to threaten Eve and is bent on destroying her. Eve tries to reason with Liz, but Liz argues, telling Eve she will pay, and her little family, too. Eve starts to worry. Liz tells Eve that soon Whitney will be on drugs.

2. Gwen, Ethan, Fox and Theresa- Gwen asks Ethan if he fantasizes about Theresa, and he doesn't reply, so Gwen bursts out weeping. Theresa is secretly happy. Ethan tells everyone that they are wrong. He says "I will tell you all who has my heart" He says it's Gwen. Theresa is still full of hope.

3. Beth, Charlie, Edna- The three women are ready, with clown masks, to check on Sheridan, who appears dead. Beth goes nuts and demands Charlie to check and see if Sheridan is still breathing. Charlie says Sheridan is still breathing, but that she has lost a lot of blood. Edna is then not happy when Precious shows up. In the Pit, Charlie does not take care of Sheridan very well: she trows her around every other minute! Edna rushes to the TV to watch her "stories", but then it is interrupted by a news flash announcing a house-to-house search for Sheridan. Edna freaks.

4.Luis, Sam, Hank and company- Sam tells Luis he must call off the search for Sheridan because of the Mayor. Luis is sure the Cranes paid the Mayor to come to the Station. Sam gets on the phone to call off the search, but Luis pulls out his gun and fires. Antonio and company run to see what happened. Sam is, however, not shot. Sam lies to cover up Luis, but Luis begins to tell them what really happened. But Sam ends up lying, anyway.The Mayor then demands the search to be called off. Then when Sam and Luis are alone, Sam yells at Luis. Luis apologizes. The Mayor's cell phone rings, and it is Alistair! He tells the Mayor the make sure Sheridan stays missing.

Previews: Luis and Sam talking about Sheridan, Chat and Fox at the Blue Note, MUSICAL FANTASY- SET YOUR VCR'S!!!

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