Passions Update Monday 6/23/03

Passions Update Monday

By Justin
Pictures by Juanita

Today: Luis's search continues as Hank gives him words of encouragement and Sheridan hopes he finds her...Eve is shocked to learn that Liz is staying in Harmony...Gwen warns Theresa...Rebecca asks Ethan a very inappropriate question...Julian berates Fox and tells him that he wants him out of his life.

Cast: Sheridan, Luis, Hank, Eve, Liz, T.C., Gwen, Theresa, Rebecca, Ethan, Julian, Fox.

At the hospital

Julian comforts Eve. Then, she has to return to her office and Julian runs into Fox. Julian learns that he sold the Blue Note to Liz and is furious. He yells at him for screwing things up once again as Fox asks for the chance to start over and they can be closer and asks him to let him in on his secrets. Julian says he wants no part of him and orders him out of Harmony. Fox leaves.

In Eve's office, she receives a call from T.C., who tells her that Liz is staying in Harmony for a little bit longer. Eve asks why and T.C. tells her that she bought the Blue Note, which makes her even more furious. She tells him that they will talk when she gets home. Eve looks over at the door to find Liz standing there.

In Gwen's room, Rebecca shows Gwen that Theresa and Ethan are hugging and she tells her that Ethan will leave her for Theresa. Gwen won't let that happen.

Ethan tells Theresa about Gwen and she is happy that Gwen is okay. Ethan goes off to pray in the chapel.

In the chapel, Ethan prays for Gwen as he remembers her almost leaving Harmony. Rebecca comes in and asks who he is praying for. Is he praying for Gwen and her baby? Or is he praying for something to happen so he can be with Theresa?

Back in the lobby, Theresa hangs up the phone after calling Pilar. Gwen comes out and tells Theresa that she will not steal Ethan. If she even looks at him, that will be the last thing she ever does.

In the pit, at Beth's house

Luis arrives and climbs down into the pit. He hugs Sheridan. Unfortunately, Sheridan is only dreaming and she is still stuck in the pit. She hopes Luis will save her. Later, she has a flashback of being trapped in the coffin and the boat exploding and is sure she can overcome this.

On the wharf

Luis is talking on the phone to someone and he tells them that the call was just about a homeless woman and he didn't find Sheridan. Hank arrives and he too, didn't turn up with anything, but he still has a lot of houses to check. Hank tries to reassure Luis, but he is losing confidence. He remembers them having to overcome thugs, Jean Luc and his hit men, Sheridan being trapped in the coffin, and the boat explosion and they overcame that. Hank tells him that he and Sheridan are met to be together and leaves. Luis says that he will find Sheridan.

Back in the pit, Sheridan looks at the stars and hopes Luis will find her as the previews roll.


*Ivy says we will both have what we want.
*Sam asks Grace if she loves David.
*Gwen warns Theresa again.
*Liz walks into Eve's office and tells her that she is staying in Harmony.

The End.

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