Passions Update Friday 6/20/03

Passions Update Friday

By Justin
Pictures by Juanita

Today: Luis 'finds' Sheridan...Rebecca upsets Gwen even more when she shows her that Ethan and Theresa are hugging...Whitney and Chad hope that her parents will come around...Fox is on cloud 9...Liz asks T.C. for a favor, while Julian comforts Eve...And Alistair is more cold hearted than we ever thought.

Cast: Luis, Sheridan, Hank, Rebecca, Gwen, Ethan, Theresa, Fox, Whitney, Chad, Liz, T.C., Eve, Julian, Alistair.

At the recording studio

Whitney, Chad, Theresa, and Fox are all making plans about L.A. Theresa is sure that Whitney's parents will come around and suggests she call them. She is about to, but changes her mind. Fox is going on and on about how he can't wait to show them the sights and he is happy, which leads Chad to believe that the woman he loves is in L.A. Fox won't tell him, so Chad wants him, the woman he loves and him and Whitney to go on a double date. Theresa calls Pilar and learns that Ethan is at the hospital, so she heads over there with Fox. Chad and Whitney both hope her parents come around.

At the hospital

In Eve's office, Eve is on the phone with T.C., telling him that he has to tell Liz to leave tonight. Eve asks if Whitney has called and he says that he has nothing to say to her. Liz walks in and T.C. tells Eve. She tells him to tell her now then, so he hangs up.

In Gwen's room, Rebecca and Ethan stand vigil by Gwen's side. Ethan gets a call and goes off to take it, while Rebecca makes Gwen feel worse about if she loses the baby, Ethan will leave her. Gwen's blood pressure shoots up and Ethan returns to her. Eve comes in and Ethan leaves. Eve asks what happened and Rebecca tells her that she told her daughter that if she loses the baby, she'll lose Ethan. She doesn't want her Gwennie going through the same thing she is with Julian. He is pining after his lost love and Eve knows what that means. Eve tells Rebecca that she is a terrible mother, calms Gwen down, and leaves. Ethan returns. Later, he gets another call and leaves again.

In the lobby, Julian is talking to Alistair on the phone, who doesn't give a damn about Sheridan. Alistair tells him that he has to worry about him and Eve. Julian thinks Alistair was behind Sheridan's disappearance, but he hangs up. Later, Eve runs into Julian and they discuss Whitney, Liz, and their past. He comforts her.

Theresa arrives with Fox and relieved Ethan is okay, she hugs him. Rebecca opens Gwen's curtain and shows her that Ethan would leave her for Theresa.

At the Russell's

T.C. tries to tell Liz that she has to leave, but she says that she is staying in Harmony for a long time. She tells him about buying the Blue Note and making so many good friends and not wanting to leave Harmony and return to St. Lisa's. Liz asks if she can stay their longer, while she tries to get the Blue Note up and running.

At the police station

Luis tells Hank that he wants a thorough search of everyone's house in Harmony and says that he will find Sheridan, no matter what. Later, Hank and Luis compare notes about a few calls they got. Luis gets a call and someone says they know where Sheridan is.

In the pit, at Beth's house

Sheridan tries to find a way out when she sees a couple rats. She discovers that there is no way out and hopes Luis finds her. Later, Luis arrives, grabs a ladder, and tells her that he came for her. Sheridan is happy (We know this is a dream) as the previews roll...


*Julian is infuriated that Fox sold the Blue Note to Liz and he yells at him.
*Theresa and Gwen argue over Ethan.
*Sheridan tells Luis that she knew he would rescue her.

The End.

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