Passions Update Thursday 6/19/03

Passions Update Thursday 6/19/03

By Justin
Pictures by Juanita

Today: Luis, Hank, and Antonio continue their search for Sheridan...Charlie, Beth, and Mrs. Wallace panic that someone might find Sheridan...Grace and Sam fight...Ivy and David argue...Kay and Tabitha create pain for Charity and Miguel.

Cast: Sheridan, Luis, Hank, Antonio, Beth, Charlie, Mrs. Edna Wallace, Grace, Sam, Ivy, David, Miguel, Charity, Kay, Tabitha.

On the pier

Miguel notices that Charity doesn't look so well and asks if she is having a premonition. She tells him that she just feels like their is evil around and he comforts her.

At Tabitha's house

Tabitha and Kay watch Charity and Miguel through the bowl and Tabitha has a plan. When Charity and Miguel arrive, Kay approaches him with a baby video kit where they ask each other questions and make a video for the baby. Charity okays it and sits on the bench behind Tabitha, who is recording. Kay asks Miguel how he met "mommy." He talks about how they were best friends ever since they were little. Next, she asks how he met mommy and some other unanswerable questions, which make him get up and return to Charity. Miguel accuses Kay of trying to get him to fall in love with her. Charity goes in the kitchen and Tabitha follows. Tabitha agrees with Miguel. Then, she tells Charity that it will affect the child the most and the child will feel he/she didn't come into the world out of love. Charity agrees. She goes out and tells Miguel to finish doing the video and Miguel says that he is changing the questions though. Kay asks how he met mommy and Miguel says that they played on each others little league team and when Kay was younger, the first time she hit the ball, she was so excited that she forgot to run around the bases. They laugh as they talk about becoming blood brothers as Charity watches. After they are done, Charity tells Miguel that he is obviously in love with Kay.

At the Bennett's

Grace and David arrive to find Sam picking Ivy up. Grace accuses him of trying to sleep with Ivy right after he left and he turns it around on her, saying that finding her in bed with David was much worse than what she saw. Sam tells her that Ivy was trying to walk and she fell into his arms. Grace tries to explain the reason he found her naked with David and accuses Ivy of not telling him the whole truth. Sam says that she did and he doesn't believe her, even after David shows him the medicine. Grace and Sam talk in the other room and Grace wonders what happened to them.

Ivy congratulates David on the ruse about him being sick. David tells her that it is the truth.

At the Wallace's

As Luis is about to leave, he hears a noise coming from the basement. Meanwhile, Sheridan is hitting a pipe and Charlie hears her. She hopes that bimbo shuts up and quits yelling before Luis hears her. Luis hears screaming now and heads to the door, but Beth stops him, saying it was the radio and Precious left it on. Charlie turns on the radio. Luis buys it, but still wants to check out the basement. Finally, Beth gets him to leave. Charlie comes out and says that they have to kill Sheridan as Edna flips out. Beth and Edna try to reason with her, but she won't listen. Edna rushes to get Precious and leave. She returns screaming "I can't find the damn monkey (LOL)." Charlie grabs a hammer and heads down, but Beth stops her. Edna and Charlie tell Beth about Miguel and Charity coming there and Beth gets worried. She says they need to soundproof the basement. Down in the basement, Sheridan falls to the ground and hopes that Luis finds her. Charlie puts her mask on and tells Sheridan that no one will ever find her.

At the police station

Hank and Antonio are waiting for word on Sheridan's disappearance. Later, Luis returns and we find Hank making plans for a road block. Antonio still believes Sheridan left on her own, but Luis thinks she was kidnapped. He tells Hank that he is ordering a house to house search and he will do whatever it takes to find Sheridan. Flash to Sheridan lying in the pit as the previews roll...


*Luis vows to find Sheridan.
*We see Sheridan in the pit.
*Liz tells T.C. that she is staying in Harmony.
*Rebecca pulls the curtain open and shows Gwen that Ethan and Theresa are hugging.

The End.

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