Passions Update Friday 6/13/03

Passions Update Friday

By Justin
Pictures by Juanita

Today: Sheridan awakens in the pit...Charity and Miguel hear screams coming from Beth's house...Luis searches for clues...Whitney misses her family while Fox tells Theresa about the woman he loves...Eve tells T.C. to make Liz leave.

Cast: Miguel, Charity, Sheridan, Charlie, Mrs. Edna Wallace, Luis, Beth, Hank, Antonio, Liz, Fox, Theresa, Whitney, Chad, Eve, T.C., Gwen, Ethan.

At Sheridan's cottage

Charity tells Miguel, Gwen, Ethan, Luis, Antonio, Hank, and Theresa that Beth knows where Sheridan is. Beth denies it, but everyone agrees that Charity's premonitions are always right. Finally, Beth says she knows where Sheridan is and Luis demands she tell them. Antonio and Luis tell her to tell them now, so Beth says that Sheridan was telling her about wanting to relieve the stress and leave Harmony. They demand to know where she went, but Beth doesn't know. Luis asks if Sheridan talked to anyone else as Gwen and Theresa reveal that she told them she was thinking about leaving the country. Gwen begins feeling pains in her stomache as Theresa tells Gwen not to stress herself out. Luis asks Charity if she knows where Sheridan is. She doesn't know. Gwen and Ethan leave as do Miguel and Charity. Soon, Theresa leaves to check on Ethan M.

Later, outside the cottage, Gwen and Ethan are walking and talking when all of a sudden, Gwen doubles over in pain. Ethan calls Eve, who tells him that she will be there.

At the Russell's

Eve and T.C. are talking about him disowning Whitney. She tells him to kick Liz out tonight as he questions her. Eve tells him that this fighting between Simone and Whitney and the Chad matter are family matters and Liz isn't family. In the kitchen, Liz listens and is shocked that Eve said she wasn't family. Finally, T.C. agrees to tell Liz to leave, but when they go in the kitchen, she is gone. Eve and T.C. argue over him disowning Whitney and he says that if she comes back on her own without Chad then he will take her back. Eve gets a call from Ethan and leaves as T.C. looks at a picture of him and Whitney.

In Liz's room, she calls around, but mostly every motel is booked. Finally, Liz finds something that will help her get revenge on Eve.

At the recording studio

Outside, Fox watches Chad and Whitney through the window as they kiss. He walks away, looking very unhappy. Later, Fox runs into Theresa and tells her that she should talk some sense into Whitney, so they head over to the studio.

Back at the studio, Whitney and Chad make love. He makes a phone call as Fox and Theresa arrive. Whitney tells Theresa about them going to L.A. and they are getting married. Theresa and Whitney hug and she congratulates him. Theresa has to check on little Ethan and tells Fox to congratulate Chad and Whitney, so he does. As Chad and Whitney hug, she sees the picture of her and T.C.

Outside, Theresa asks Fox about the girl he loves. Fox tells her that she is leaving town. His cellphone rings and it is Liz, asking to meet with him.

Back at the cottage

After mostly everyone leaves, Luis tells Beth, Hank, and Antonio that he doesn't buy Sheridan leaving town and thinks that she was kidnapped. He goes into her room to search for clues. Antonio discovers her passport missing and her suitcase missing. Luis still isn't convinced that Sheridan left town willingly.

At the Wallace's

Sheridan is lying down in the pit, unconscious, as a rat crawls up her leg. Uptop, Charlie laughs and jokes around about Sheridan being trapped, but Edna is disgusted. She sees the rat and tries to scare it off, but Charlie throws food down there. Down in the pit, Sheridan regains consciousness and begs for someone to help her. Edna tries to, but Charlie threatens to throw her down. Sheridan has a nightmare about the clowns and when she wakes up, she sees Charlie dressed up as a clown. Sheridan screams very loudly.

Meanwhile, outside, Miguel and Charity hear Sheridan's screams and rush over to Beth's as the previews roll...


*Ethan begs Eve to save Gwen as Julian and Rebecca (I think!) are also there.
*Charity and Miguel hear screams coming from Beth's house, so they rush over there.
*Sheridan continues screaming as she lies in the pit.

The End.

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