Passions Update Wednesday 6/11/03

Passions Update Wednesday 6/11/03

By Clorinda
Pictures by Juanita

Chad does his best to comfort Whitney since she lost her family. Whitney can't believe that her father just cut her out of his life. She does her best not to cry as she remembers that good times that they all shared as a family.

After all the memories come flooding back, Whitney turns to Chad and tells him that she needs her family.

Chad is willing to take Whitney back home. Whitney looks at Chad and then tells him as much as she needs her family she needs him too. She tells him she can't go on with out him. Chad looks relieved and holds Whitney in his arms.

T.C tells Eve that he can't believe that their daughter choose a street punk over her own family. He blames the whole mess on Chad and Whitney. Eve has something to say about that. She tells her husband that the blame belongs on him. T.C is outraged and he and Eve begin to fight back and forth. He throws it up to Eve that she was never around as much as he was while the girls were young. Eve tells him to stop harping on her job. She then gives his ego a blow when she tells him she needed to work a lot to give the family the nice things that they deserve. T.C gets madder and all hell is about to break loose until Simone speaks up. She screams at her parents to stop arguing. The blame is Whitney's and no one else's. Simone tells her parents that Whitney was dead to her weeks ago when she stole Chad away. She tells them she never wants to see Whitney again. Eve is shocked to hear this and tells Simone she is being terrible. Simone gets madder at her mother. She asks how Eve can still defend Whitney and not support her. Simone then gets hurt and apologizes to Eve that she is stuck with her while her favorite daughter is gone forever. Simone tells Eve she hops Whitney stays away forever so she never has to lay eyes on her again. Simone runs from the room. T.C goes after her to try to calm her down.

Liz takes this opportunity to rub the situation in to Eve. She tells her that she deserves all this pain and more.

Charlie drags Sheridan down the Wallace basement steps and then throws her very roughly into the "pit."

Edna is upset and accuses Charlie of killing Sheridan. Sheridan begins to move slightly and moan. Edna is relieved that she is still alive. She then claims that maybe the poor girl would have been better off dead instead of living through the fate that Beth and Charlie have planned for her.

All eyes are on Beth after Charity claims that Beth knows all about Sheridan's kidnapping.

Beth pleads innocent and tells Charity that she must be crazy. Gwen angrily orders Beth to tell what she knows. Gwen gets so upset that she gets another cramp. Ethan asks her if it is the baby. Gwen says it is just a cramp and will pass. Beth tells everyone that she knows nothing. She then asks Gwen to back her up. Gwen admits that they were both with Sheridan the entire time. Gwen does not know how Beth could have done anything to Sheridan.

Beth then gets hurt when Luis raises his voice and asks her to tell everything she knows. Beth again pleads innocent.

She offers to help Antonio search the bedroom for clues. She wants to look like she is interested in helping but in reality she wants to get to Charlie's earring before anyone else does.

Gwen privately tells Luis that if Sheridan was gone forever Beth stands to gain him forever.

In the bedroom Beth goes to pick up the earring. She is almost caught by Antonio. She fakes a cramp in her belly and asks Antonio to search under the bed while she checks out the rest of the room. She is buying time to scoop up the earring before anyone else does.

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