Passions Update Tuesday 6/10/03

Passions Update Tuesday

By Clorinda
Pictures by Juanita

Gwen's abdominal pains subside for the time being. Gwen is not very grateful or kind over Theresa's concern. Theresa orders Gwen to lay back and try to relax. She warns her about how dangerous stress is during pregnancy. Theresa tells Gwen to forget about how she hates her and listen to her for the baby's sake. She hands Gwen a glass of water and makes her sit back. Gwen tells Theresa that she can't relax, knowing that Sheridan is in danger.

Theresa then asks Beth how she is feeling. Beth says she is fine but could use some alone time. Gwen just glares at Beth. Beth covers so she does not look selfish and says she wants to be alone so she can pray for Sheridan.

When alone in the bedroom, Beth calls her mother. She frantically asks Edna if Charlie showed up yet with Sheridan. Edna goes off when she hears that Charlie kidnapped Sheridan. Beth explains that Charlie would not listen and moved all the plans up. Edna laughs that it will all blow up in Beth's face very soon.

Charlie has a very hard time trying to move Sheridan. She manages to get Sheridan back to Beth's house. Charlie eludes the police and the searchers. Edna is shocked to see her.

Luis and the others show up back at the cottage. They try to piece together what happened. They do not understand what happened and how it happened. They want to search the bedroom for clues. Gwen asks what happened to Sheridan's suitcase. Beth lies and says she put it away. Beth is standing in the middle of the bedroom and spies one of Charlie's earrings on the floor. She knows she must hid it before the other's see it.

Charlie threatens Edna to help her get Sheridan into the pit. Edna refuses. Charlie then asks Edna which hip she wants broken. Edna almost caves in to the threat. She then tells Charlie to go ahead but she won't help her. Precious refuses to help as well. Edna then notices that Charlie is missing an earring. She rubs it into Charlie that she will be found out if the cops find her earring. Charlie swears she said that Edna was an accomplice. Edna goes into her "crazy old lady act." She says she will show everyone that she is too old and too confused to have known what was going on. She goes on and on so annoyingly that she almost pushes Charlie over the edge.

Grace calls a doctor to look after David. She knows that she must go after Sam now or lose him forever. Ivy is in the car with Sam. She does her best to try to talk hi out of one last meeting with Grace. As Grace runs down to the lobby and out to catch Sam, he pulls his car away.

TC tells Whitney that she will no longer be his daughter if she leaves with Chad. He explains that his father died of a broken heart and he will not suffer the same fate. He tells Whitney he will cut her out of his life and she will be dead to him. Simone stands by her dad and calls Whitney a selfish slut. Whitney runs from the room in tears. Simone stands by her dad and reminds him over and over that he still has her. Fox is shocked that Whitney choose Chad. He is not sure how he can get Whitney away from Chad when she will be in L.A.

Whitney returns to the room. She tries to say goodbye to TC but her ignores her. Simone refuses to acknowledge her as well. They act like she is not alive. Whitney turns and leaves with Chad. Once outside they couple stop for a moment. TC comes to the door. Whitney is sure he changed his mind. She takes a step toward him and he shuts the door in her face.

Whitney falls to the ground crying.

Liz rubs it in to Eve that she deserves this. She deserves her family torn apart like she tore apart Liz's.

Charity announces that someone in the cottage knows what happened to Sheridan. She turns and says Beth is the one who knows.

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