Passions Update Monday 6/9/03

Passions Update Monday

By Clorinda
Pictures by Juanita

Whitney announces to her family that she has made a decision about her tentative future with Chad.

Whitney begins by telling her father that she loves him very much because he is the best father anyone could have ever asked for. When TC hears this confession, he is sure that Whitney will choose to stay with them and not consider moving to L. A.

Whitney turns to her mother and tells her how much she loves her. She thanks her mother for always being there for her. Whitney even tells Simone how much she loves her and always will since she is her baby sister. Simone seems unmoved by the profession of love from her sister. Chad stands in the background, looking grim. He is sure Whitney has decided to stay with her family. Fox looks happy, feeling sure that Whitney will indeed choose to stay in Harmony.

Whitney then turns to everyone and announces she is moving to L.A. and plans to be Chad's wife.

Her family stands there stunned.

Grace tells ivy to stop gloating and enjoying her pain. Ivy tells Grace that she takes no pleasure from her pain but she does thank Grace from the bottom of her empty cold heart for handing Sam back to her. Grace explains about David's illness. Ivy stops her and says not to go on. Ivy tells Grace that will not take the blame for the Bennett marriage breaking up. Ivy then says Grace ended her marriage all by herself. Ivy says this with a straight face, not revealing her part in the scheme.

Ivy then rolls away, looking for Sam. She finds him in the hotel lobby. He turns angrily on Ivy. He asks her if she is happy now. He accuses her of getting what she wanted. Ivy acts hurt and innocent. While she is putting on her hurt act, she is remembering how she ordered David to seduce Grace and end the Bennett marriage once and for all.

Grace wants to go after Sam as she remembers all the good times she and Sam have shared over the years. David begins to move and moan. Grace goes to his side. He weakly tells Grace he heard all of what went on between her and Sam. He begs her to go after Sam and try to put her marriage back together. Grace gets dressed and intends to go. She then sees David almost fall out of bed and she can tell his fever has spiked. She feels too guilty to leave him while he is so sick and helpless.

Charlie panics when she hears the police sirens so close by. She decides to kill Sheridan and then throw her body over a nearby cliff.

She knocks Sheridan again so she will remain unconscious. Charlie then begins to drag the blonde, limp body out of the car.

At the cottage everyone panics when they realize that Charity's premonition was dead on.

Luis puts out an all points bulletin. He orders the area around Harmony to be sealed off. He wants all bus terminals and airports to have Sheridan's picture.

Charity begs them to hurry and find Sheridan.

Luis asks Charity where she was when the premonition first hit her. Miguel explained how he helped a woman change a flat tire and Charity then picked up the vibe. Luis asks Miguel to take him to the spot. Maybe there is some clue around or maybe Sheridan is nearby the place where they stopped.

All the men decide to go to search. Ethan orders Gwen to stay at the cottage with Theresa and Beth.

Beth paces out of fear that Charlie will be discovered and her part in the kidnapping will be discovered. Gwen even questions why Beth is pacing so much. Beth covers by telling Gwen that she is nervous thinking that a kidnapper was so close by. Gwen begins to agree then clutches her stomach. She says that the pain is intense. She doubles over and Theresa tries to calm her. Gwen starts to cry, "Something is wrong with my baby!!!"

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