Passions Update Wednesday 6/4/03

Passions Update Wednesday 6/4/03

By Clorinda
Pictures by Juanita

Charlie is still trying to get Sheridan out of the cottage. She makes a loud crash in Sheridan's bedroom. Beth covers for the crash by dropping the tray of refreshments. Beth apologizes to everyone. She claims to be so nervous and upset over someone actually trying to kill Sheridan that she is actually shaky. Luis still insists that he go to check on Sheridan. Gwen again is the one to step in and stop him, buying Charlie some time.

The security on Crane grounds alert Luis that they caught sight of the intruder. They spotted a woman on the grounds. Beth fears that Charlie finally got caught.

Grace fears for her well being when David makes her hang up the phone. She asks him over and over how he could lie about his drug habit. David weakly asks Grace to look at the drug he just shot into himself. He hands her the bottle and begs her to take a look. He claims that it is a prescription drug. He says he was bitten by some exotic animal when he was doing a shoot on location. He tells Grace that the condition he has can't be cured. It attacks him every few months or so. He says that the medication helps control the worst of the attack. David then falls to the floor half unconscious. Grace cradles him in her arms and notices that he is sweating profusely. She decides it would be best if she takes the rest of his clothes off.

Ivy keeps on Sam making him insecure about Grace and David. Ivy hints that they will probably share a room and Grace will feel it will be alright morally if she shares a bed with David. Sam tells Ivy no way. He knows that Grace and David will be in separate rooms. Sam does not know that Ivy secretly arranged the mishap with David's reservation leaving the couple with one room only.

Sam calls the hotel and finds the Mr. and Mrs. Hastings are sharing the honeymoon suite. Sam gets angry and wants some answers. He says he is going up to the hotel. Ivy slips that it is too soon. She secretly is sure that David has not yet seduced Grace like she ordered.

Grace is worried sick over David. He is shivering while laying under a ton of warm blankets. His teeth chatter as Grace jacks up the heat as high as it will go. Grace looks at David and feels that she has no choice. She sheds her clothes and gets into bed with David to share her body heat.

T.C is outraged to find Whitney with Chad. Simne comes in on the scene making the situation go from bad to worse. Simne calls Whitney names and blames her for ruining their family. T.C calls Chad a punk and once again orders Whitney to stay the hell away from Chad. Whitney announces that she is going to L.A. with Chad. T.C gets mad and begins to shove Chad.

Fox smiles to himself. He can't believe that he was worried over Whitney marrying Chad. He says that T.C will never allow it.

Chad announces that he loves Whitney and asked her to move to L.A. as his wife. T.C says that will happen over his dead body.

Liz saunters up to Eve and turns the knife in Eve's heart. She tells Eve that she has this coming to her and worse. Liz takes pleasure in Eve's family crisis.

In L.A. a few of Chad's old buddies see his picture in the local paper. They are shocked to see that Chad has landed a recording contract. They laugh that he will now have more than a few cents in his pockets. The group remember how Chad spent most of his time in shelters or sleeping on the beach. They paint a really sad picture of Chad's earlier life.

They also paint him as somewhat of a ladies man. Then one of the group tells the others that a hard core gang member named Puff Dog is getting out of prison. He has a vendetta against Chad over a woman. They all agree that if Chad wants to stay healthy, he will stay the hell out of L.A.

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