Passions Update Tuesday 6/3/03

Passions Update Tuesday

By Clorinda
Pictures by Juanita

Beth and Charlie's plans for Sheridan begin to take shape. As the devious duo try to get Sheridan out of the bedroom through the window, Gwen comes to the door with tea. Beth manages to stall Gwen long enough for them to get Sheridan into bed and covered. Charlie hides behind the dresser as Beth greet Gwen. Gwen takes one look at the unconscious Sheridan and only sees that he friend seems to be sleeping peacefully. Charlie tries to get Beth's attention. She noticed that suitcase that they hastily packed sitting on the chair. Charlie tries to warn Beth because it would be hard to explain away the suitcase.

Beth suggests that they leave Sheridan to rest and go to join the returning men in the living room. Gwen turns to leave and spies the suitcase. She begins to question Beth about it. Beth flashes back to how they packed the suitcase to make it look like Sheridan left town. Then Gwen says she realizes what the suitcase is for. Beth stares at her thinking that they may have been discovered. Gwen says that in Lamaze class they were told to pack a suitcase to be ready for the hospital when they go into labor. Gwen is sure that is why Sheridan is all packed.

Beth agrees and they return to the living room. Ethan, Antonio and Luis are there. They are amazed that whoever the intruder was, they eluded capture.

Luis and Antonio both separately want to check in on Sheridan. Beth talks Antonio out of it but Luis still wants to take a peek to make sure she is alright. Gwen is the one to step in and save the day for Beth and Charlie. Gwen puts her foot down and tells Luis that Sheridan is so stressed and when she does awake, she will be distressed to find the intruder is still on the loose. Gwen then says Sheridan should not take any chances on waking up since she is now having horrible nightmares about killer clowns. Gwen assures Luis that she just saw Sheridan and she is fine as well as safe.

Everyone goes outside for some fresh air. Beth offers to stay behind and get refreshments for everyone. Charlie makes a crash in the bedroom as she tries to get Sheridan out through the window.

Chad proposes to Whitney. Fox hears and does his best to undermine their new found relationship. He tries to get Whitney to feel insecure about saying yes. Whitney does not have time to answer. Liz comes down and sees the pair. Chad announces that he asked Whitney to marry him and is waiting for an answer. Fox again points out all the bad points of moving to L.A. with Chad and beginning a new marriage. Liz agrees with him. Whitney listens and then turns to Chad. With a smile on her face she accepts his proposal.

They both turn to Liz and say they are hoping T.C and Eve accept their decision. Liz feels they have a better chance of finding a snowball in hell.

Fox can't wait for T.C to show up. He is hoping T.C kills Chad to save Fox the trouble of getting rid of him another way.

Eve can't believe that T.C would cut Whitney out of his life. He says he has to. If she chooses Chad over her tennis and family she is not his daughter anymore. T.C explains he won't let a punk like Chad interfere with their lives. Eve tells T.C that Chad is not a punk. She reminds him that Chad took a bullet for her. T.C then turns to Eve and coldly says he wished that bullet would have killed Chad and ended their problems. Eve can't believe she is hearing this come from her husband's own mouth.

Ivy is telling Sam that Grace went away with David to see if she still has feelings for him, not to save her marriage. Ivy then asks Sam how Grace would have reacted if Sam went away with her and left Grace all alone. Sam tries to shake off Ivy's suggestion. Ivy then eludes to the fact that David and Grace may be sharing a room. Sam says he knows that they won't be sharing a room and wants to call and prove it to Ivy, unaware of the unscheduled room change.

Grace is outraged to see David shooting drugs into his arm. He weakly tries to explain but Grace won't listen. She asks how long he has been living this lie. Then it dawns on Grace that if David could lie about the drugs, he could be lying about everything else. She screams at him and asks if he is lying about being her husband. She then says under her breath that she is going back to Sam if he will have her. Grace grabs the phone to call a doctor for David and he hangs up the phone. In a low threatening voice, he tells Grace she won't be going anywhere.

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