Passions Update Wednesday 5/28/03

Passions Update Wednesday 5/28/03

By Clorinda
Pictures by Juanita

No one in the cottage can figure out who or what is making that painful sound. Luis says that it barely sounds human. Beth is a little worried that it sounds familiar. Ethan and Gwen arrive with Crane security. The couple tell Sheridan that they were taking a walk and heard the noise. They got security because they were worried about Sheridan. The security guards and Luis are sure that it is the same woman who tried to kill Sheridan twice already.

Sheridan gets scared when she hears this. Luis wants to go to comfort her but Ethan stops him. He whispers that it's Antonio's place not his.

Luis says he will go out with security to hunt down the intruder. Antonio insists that he go along too. They asks both Gwen and Beth to stay with Sheridan.

Beth's cell phone goes off and she answers it to find her mother on the other end. Edna is taunting her daughter. Gwen looks a little suspiciously at Beth then takes Sheridan to her room to lie down.

Beth is thankful for the privacy. She talks freely to her mother. Edna tells Beth that she will be seeing Charlie very soon. Edna tells Beth that Charlie took a knife to her wedding dress but that is the least of her worries. Edna explains to Beth that Charlie knows everything and she is not too happy.

Charlie is outside on the Crane grounds trying her best not to get caught. She picks up a large heavy tree branch and attempts to bash Luis in the head. He moves away just in time. Charlie vows to make Beth pay as she keeps hiding from the posse that is after her.

Eve and T.C are still at the Lobster Shack having their heart to heart. They are both shocked and a little angry to see Sam stroll in with Ivy in tow. Eve said she knew that

Ivy would move in on him but she is shocked to see Ivy isn't wasting any time. Sam leaves the table for a moment. Ivy takes this as an opportunity to call David to see if he is working hard enough to make Grace fall for him. She tells David that this is his last opportunity to get Grace. David is torn with guilt over what he and Ivy are doing.

T.C sees Sam alone and asks him what the hell he is doing with Ivy. Sam tells his friend not to go off thinking the worst. He says that he and Ivy are out as just friends.

Julian is stopped by Fox as he tries to leave the mansion. Fox asks his father where he is going. Julian comes up with a clumsy lie that he is going to the office. Fox does not buy it for an instant. He discreetly follows Julian to the Lobster Shack. He can't imagine what would make his father go slumming.

Gwen does her best to calm Sheridan down. Sheridan says once again that things would be better if she just left town and disappeared.

Beth asks Edan why she told Charlie where to find her. She tells her mother that Charlie will kill everyone not just her.

Charlie gets trapped at the South Gate.

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