Passions Update Tuesday 5/27/03

Passions Update Tuesday

By Clorinda
Pictures by Juanita

Chad and Whitney return to the recording studio. They sit quietly and talk about the hectic events of the day. Chad is happy that Theresa is finally going to be able to leave the Crane grounds with the baby and start a new life. Whitney is happy as well. She tells Chad she can't believe that her mother had lost a child before she had her and Simone. They both are relieved that Eve said the baby was TC's. They were both frightened for a brief moment in time that they might be brother and sister. Chad said he wouldn't be able to handle something like that. Not since they have become lovers. They both thank their lucky stars again that it was only a false alarm and then the couple make love.

Julian sits alone in the library listening to Eve's blues tape. Fox walks in and begins to fire questions at his father about his relationship with Eve. Fox asks why Julian hid from T.C at the Blue note the other night. He asks why he keeps seeing Julian and Eve together. Julian reminds Fox that curiosity killed the cat.

Fox then is intuitive enough to put two and two together. He point blank asks his father is he is the father of Eve's out of wedlock baby. Julian turns on his son and tells him off. He says that Eve is the model of integrity and he better not start rumors that Eve had a baby out of wedlock. Julian then threatens to disown his son if he opens his mouth about Eve again.

Eve and T.C are sharing a drink and some quiet time at the Lobster Shack. Eve intends to tells all to T.C once and for all. She orders wine and at first they begin to discuss Sam and Grace. T.C says that Grace is dead wrong this time. He feels that going away with David is going to end the Bennett marriage. Eve agrees with T.C. She tells T.C that she does believe Grace has good intentions but she is worried the plan will backfire.

T.C explains to his wife how hard all this has been on Sam. He says that if she had a man in her past that he never knew about and then Eve went away with him, it would be the end of their marriage. He doesn't think he would ever forgive her. Eve begins to have second and third thoughts about telling T.C the truth.

Julian worries that Fox will begin to spread his suspicions about Eve. Julian calls Eve and gets her service. The operator informs Julian that he can find Eve at the lobster Shack. Julian rushes out to warn Eve that Fox is on to the truth. Fox follows his father out of the house.

Ivy is getting ready for her "date" with Sam. She is as excited as a school girl. She gets dressed up and waits for Sam. Sam picks Ivy up on time and tells her she looks good enough to be on the cover of a magazine. She tells him he used to say that to her years ago. Sam also levels with Ivy not to think of this as a date. He tell her he is not ready for anything, especially since he is sure that Grace will come home to him. Ivy smiles at him and says of course but under her breath she says that Sam is hers and Grace has lost.

David and Grace arrive at their hotel. Grace is very suspicious of David when they are told that only one room was reserved. The hotel is apologetic and tries to find them another room. Grace does believe that it was all a mistake. As Grace and David share a drink, David makes a costly mistake. He mentions to Grace that the lovely picture on the wall was so beautiful that he tries to buy it for her on their honeymoon. The waiter interrupts that the painting has only been hanging there for a year. Grace looks at David but he is slick enough to lie his way out. He says it looks like a painting he was going to buy. He is not sure since he only had eyes for her at the time.

Beth arrives at Sheridan's cottage. Luis and Sheridan are relieved to hear Beth back them up by saying that she does not want to marry Luis right now. Antonio is stunned. He takes Beth aside when no one is looking and asks her what is going on. Beth says that putting off the wedding is Luis' idea. Antonio thinks it is a case of cold feet on his brother's part. He does not want his niece of nephew being born out of wedlock. He tells Beth not to worry, he'll handle it. Antonio railroads Luis and Beth. He corners Beth into admitting she loves Luis. Antonio goes on and on about how perfect and in love they are. He says they are going to be married and won't take no for an answer. Charlie is outside the cottage and hears Beth admit she loves Luis. Charlie knows that Beth is stringing her along. Charlie sinks to her knees and lets out a painful wail. Everyone inside the cottage hears Charlie and stops what they are doing.

One of Alistair's sexy assistants named Loretta finds a file stashed in her desk. She brings it to Alistair. It is a file on Chad Harris. It shows that he matched two residents in Harmony when his DNA was put in the Harmony Hospital computer. Loretta asks Alistair why he hid the file. Alistair tells his shapely assistant that no one must know who Chad Harris' parents are. He admits that Chad is Julian's bastard by a black woman. He sets the file on fire and tells Loretta that no one will ever know now.

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