Passions Update Monday 5/26/03

Passions Update Monday

By Clorinda
Pictures by Juanita

Charity and Miguel share a cozy moment on the porch. Charity tells Miguel that she had a long talk with her Aunt Grace before she left town. Charity says Grace told her to stay with Miguel and not let anyone or anything interfere with their love. Tabitha and Kay watch from the shadows. Kay hears Charity say that Grace pushed her into Miguel's arms and by his side. Kay vows to get even and stop the growing closeness between Miguel and Charity.

Kay runs up to Miguel and says she has been looking everywhere for him. She drags him off to Lamaze class. Charity and Tabitha tag along. Charity tries to be brave about it but Miguel can see she is hurt.

Eve and T.C have a heart to heart about Sam and Grace. Eve is fearful of what Ivy will do with the situation now that she has Sam all alone. T.C tells Eve that Grace has no one to blame but herself. Eve tries to tell T.C that whole truth about her past once and for all.

Fox, Chad, Whitney and Theresa are stunned by Julian's change of heart. They can't believe that Julian would actually let Theresa leave the Crane grounds with Little Ethan.

Fox is especially suspicious of his father's motives. Theresa thanks Julian with tears in her eyes. Whitney hugs her fiend because she knows how much Julian's generous offer means to Theresa.

Fox tells his father he is sure that his decision has something to do with Whitney's mother but he can't figure it out yet. He promises himself that he will figure it out though.

Grace and David stop of their trip for a rest break. Grace can't decide what to do. She keeps telling David that she went away with him to put her feelings to rest not to have them dredged up again. She keeps insisting that she went away with David to save her marriage. David tells Grace that this trip might rekindle their "old love." Grace asks David not to hope for that because she has loved Sam for so long that she only wants her marriage back the way it was before David and Ivy interfered.

Grace decides to go ahead with the trip. She is sure that they will go back to Harmony and David will sign the papers with a clear conscience and she will go back to Sam. David is not so sure.

Charity thinks it is sweet that Tabitha came along with Kay to the class. Tabby went so she can be more sure of herself when her baby is about to be due. Tabitha goes on and on about how terrible pregnancy is. Charity asks Tabitha how she knows all about pregnancy. She asks her if she has ever been pregnant.

Tabitha talks herself out of the tight spot she is in. Charity buys the excuse.

Jessica cries on her father's shoulder, worried about the fate of her parent's marriage. Sam tires to assure his daughter that all will turn out alright. He urges her to go to her weekly study group. Ivy overhears and takes the opportunity to move in on Sam. She tries to cook him dinner but it turns into a burned smoky mess. She asks Sam for peanut butter because even she can't ruin peanut butter and jelly. Sam tells her that they deserve better than that and asks Ivy out to dinner. As she rolls back to the garage apartment to freshen up, before her date, she says to herself, "Grace the biggest mistake you ever made was leaving town with David. When you come back to Sam, there won't be a Sam to come back to. Hell' be mine!"

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