Passions Update Wednesday 5/21/03

Passions Update Wednesday 5/21/03

By Clorinda
Pictures by Juanita

Beth and Antonio put their heads together and try to come up with a way to get Luis to the altar. Antonio says he won't give up because they belong together. He says under his breath as he looks at Luis that soon they both will be happily married. Beth gets a call from her mother. Edna asks Beth to tell her just what old "Charlie Horse" is doing to her basement floor. Beth smiles and tells her mother not to worry about it. She then opens a bag and pulls out a long chain. She explains that Sheridan will be wearing this in case she tries to run away when they kidnap her. Charlie sees the chains and tells Beth that it won't be heavy enough to keep Sheridan's body on the ocean floor. Edna is speechless.

Sheridan tells Luis that they are destined never to be together. She points out all the near misses and bad luck they have experienced since they started their relationship.

She says it is fate for them to be a part. Luis does not buy Sheridan's logic. She looks him in the eye and says she may be pregnant with his baby but Beth really is carrying his child and he should be with her.

Sheridan starts to cry but then tries to hide her tears as Antonio appears. He asks Luis to take Sheridan home to the cottage as he waits for her prescription. Luis agrees. While at the cottage, he does his best to get Sheridan to change her mind about their gloomy future.

Kay is having an attack of the guilt's. She can't stand to see the pain that her parents are in. She blames herself and tells Tabitha that she must tell the truth. Tabitha warns Kay that she will never get Miguel. She says Grace will do everything to keep Miguel and Charity together. Tabitha does her best to work on Kay's hatred of her mother to keep her from telling all. Kay remembers when she and her mother had a good relationship. She is also afraid that her child won't love or respect her. She is worried that somehow she will get paid back for her destructiveness. Kay walks outside and sees how unhappy her father is. She declares she has to tell the truth now.

Tabitha is worried about her own fate. She knows if Charity and Miguel get together it will be the end of her.

Grace and Eve continue their discussion in the Bennett kitchen. Eve calls Grace's trip away with David the biggest rationalization she ever heard. Eve then accuses Grace of wanting to go away with David so she can make love to him. She reminds Grace that it will be all legal and moral since she is supposedly married to him. Grace asks why Eve supposes that she is married to David. Grace says it is a fact, unless Eve knows something no one else does. Eve does not tell Grace the whole truth.

Grace wishes that someone would walk through the kitchen door and solve all her marriage problems. Kay turns the doorknob.

Antonio finds Sheridan in the garden. He gets her to see how long Luis and Beth have loved each other. He gets Sheridan to agree to plan their wedding and to do her best to convince Luis to marry Beth soon!

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