Passions Update Tuesday 5/20/03

Passions Update Tuesday

By Clorinda
Pictures by Juanita

Antonio gets extremely upset when Sheridan passes out. He calls Eve who is at the Bennett's who appear to once again be in crisis. Eve warns Antonio and Luis separately to watch out for Sheridan. Stress can kill both her and the baby.

Eve then tells Antonio that she called in a prescription for Sheridan's blood pressure. She orders Antonio to take Sheridan for a walk or something to calm her.

Everybody departs the hospital room. Gwen lags behind to "talk" to Beth. Gwen is still certain that Beth is hiding something. Ethan can't think of what it could be since the doctor did tell Luis that Beth is indeed pregnant. Gwen goes up to Beth's sugar filled sack and asks if her pregnant stomach is as hard as hers. Beth backs away, not wanting Gwen to feel her tummy. Gwen gets even more suspicious of Beth as Beth narrowly escapes being found out.

Eve announces to the Bennett's that Sheridan's pregnancy is precarious and Antonio is worried. Grace remembers how sweet Sam was when he was worried over her first pregnancy. She smiles at Sam. Ivy sees a sign of the anger weakening and orders David to do something. David stands up and tells Grace he was worried when she was pregnant with their son John. Sam can see David is undermining him and once again attacks him.

TC breaks it up and Eve orders everyone to separate rooms to cool off. Eve retreats with Grace to the kitchen.

Grace tells Eve about the trip she wants to take with David. She is sure that if she goes away with David he can then sign the annulment papers with a clear conscience.

Eve admits that she kissed Julian today on the dock. Eve can't understand why she kissed Julian. She only knows he is like the Julian she fell in love with years ago. Grace asks Eve to think hard. She may want Julian back. Eve tells Grace that she missed singing on stage but not her sordid past with Julian. Eve gets a little angry and attacks Grace verbally. She insists that Grace is only saying Eve wants Julian because Grace wants to go off with David.

John comforts his dad. He urges David to keep fighting for Grace. He tells his dad he can't stand the thought of Grace spending her life with a hot head like Sam.

Jessica accuses Kay of ruining their parents marriage. Charity says that there is nothing in the vision she had to blame Kay. Charity blames herself for all the problems. She insists that she leave Harmony forever. She cites that the Bennett's had a great marriage before she arrived and added to their burden. Kay is no longer close to her mother and she did come between the friendship Kay and Miguel had together. She feels that leaving town is the only way to help.

Beth and Antonio plot to get Luis to marry her. Antonio is sure that planning a wedding will keep Sheridan's mind off her terrible nightmares. He wants to have Beth for his sitter in law.

Miguel begs Charity not to go. He warns her he will follow her where ever she goes. Jessica jumps in and says it is ridiculous for Charity to leave. Jessica keeps blaming Kay for everything. Tabitha whispers to Kay not to panic. Charity will never know what part Kay played in the break up of Sam and Grace. Tabitha warns Kay to do something to come between Charity and Miguel or she will lose him forever.

Julian sits alone in his study. The maid asks him why he has not answered any of his messages. Julian replies that he lost the love of his life for the second time.

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