Passions Update Monday 5/19/03

Passions Update Monday

By Clorinda
Pictures by Juanita

Antonio keeps babbling on and on about how there is no reason for Luis and Beth not to get married. Sheridan stands by looking stricken and sick at the news. Ethan and Gwen ask what is going on as Antonio announces the happy couple are really expecting and they will be getting married soon. He also tells them that Sheridan will be planning the wedding.

Ethan corners Luis and asks him what he is going to do. Luis says this whole thing has gone on way to long. He says he must tell his brother the truth.

Luis walks in and tells everyone that he can't marry Beth because of Sheridan. When he is asked to explain, Sheridan gets dizzy and almost passes out. Luis worries that the stress of telling Antonio the truth will kill her and the baby.

Luis asks Ethan what he should do when he is in love with one woman and another is carrying his child.

Antonio thinks he knows what is stopping Luis from marrying Beth. He thinks it is because Luis is too proud to take the Crane money.

Sheridan privately tells Beth that she can't take anymore. She feels that their is some cosmic conspiracy keeping her and Luis apart.

Sam and David continue to fight. Miguel and TC both try to break it up. Sam turns on Grace and accuses her of ending their marriage.

Charity has a vision of Sam, Grace, David and Ivy. She also sees Kay there too. Charity doesn't understand what it means. Jessica is terrified that she does know what it means. She is sure her sister is behind the breakup if their parents' marriage. Jessica goes to Tabitha's house to have a talk with her sister.

Eve arrives and bandages David's wounds. Sam tosses Grace to David. He tells her to go with David and make love to him. He says make love with her first husband and hopefully it will be so incredible that it will cure her amnesia. He looks Grace in the eye and says "There is nothing between us.....Nothing."

Eve tries to get David to tell the truth or at least feel badly about what he is doing with his lies. Ivy laughs at Eve and says she is a fine one to talk. Ivy calls Eve the queen of lies.

Charlie continues to dig a pit in the basement of the Wallace home. Precious watches wearing a clown mask. Mrs. Wallace can't believe that Charlie got talked into this stupid plan by Beth. Edna reminds Charlie that Sheridan is a Crane and if she disappears, the entire world would be looking for her. She says that they will never get away with it. She knows they'll end up in prison. Charlie has a vision that she and Beth are cozy cell mates. Charlie thinks that prison won't be so bad.

Charity is sure that Jessica is wrong about Kay . Jessica reminds Charity of all the hurt and tricks Kay has stooped to.

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