Passions Update Friday 5/23/03

Passions Update Friday

By Kelli
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Suzanne

Sheridan leaves Lamaze class, petrified of the clowns. The instructor informs Antonio that they can make up the class and that she knows they will be great parents and raise their child with love. She tells him that she can tell that by the way they interact with each other. Sheridan runs into Luis after leaving the class. He tells her about Beth's pregnancy and that they will find a way to be with one another. Beth says to herself that he will never be with Sheridan because he is going to be with her. 

Back at the Wallace house, Charlie enters with a large box. Mrs. Wallace asks what is in the boxes. Charlie then pulls out two clown costumes. She tells Mrs. Wallace that they are their disguises for when they kidnap Sheridan. Mrs. Wallace tells Charlie that they are going to freak Sheridan out by wearing those, because she is so terrified of clowns already. She wonders if Sheridan has had a premonition of what is going to happen to her. Charlie says they are going to teach her a lesson and that she doesn't care what happens to Sheridan. Charlie then laughs devishly. Mrs. Wallace has a concerned look on her face. 

Grace and David are talking about their getaway. David still thinks that their trip to all the places they went when they were in love would be a great opportunity to see if they are really still in love. Also, it might cure some of Grace's amnesia. 

TC, Eve, Whitney, Chad, Liz, and Julian are still at the wharf. Eve starts to explain to TC about the baby when he interrupts and says he knows what happened. 

Back at the Lamaze class, Antonio is still talking to the instructor, who informs him that it is no problem for them to make up the class. Antonio thinks that it will be a really great bonding opportunity for him and Sheridan. He then asks if his brother and his partner can attend. The instructor says that will be no problem and that she will save them a spot. Antonio then exclaims that he has an idea on how he can get Luis and Beth married quickly. Sheridan is still talking to Luis, and he wants to tell Antonio the truth. Sheridan still thinks it is not the time. 

Back at the Wallace's, Mrs. Wallace is pleading with Charlie not to hurt Sheridan and to put the clown costumes away. She is also telling her that she is scaring Precious. Charlie continues to taunt Mrs. Wallace and Precious with the clown costumes. Charlie snaps back at Mrs. Wallace to shut up and tells her that she has work to do. Then he heads downstairs. Mrs. Wallace follows her to the door of the basement and shouts to Charlie "What work do you have down there?" Charlie laughs and continues down the stairs. 

At the wharf, TC is beginning to tell what he thinks happened to the son that Eve had. He thinks that Eve had a miscarriage and that she kept it from him because she didn't want him to hurt. Everyone seems to buy the story. Whitney and Chad are both relieved to find that they are not brother and sister. Liz offers Eve a fake apology for putting such ideas into TC's head, that she might have gotten pregnant by another man. She also exclaims that she does not understand why Eve kept it from her husband for so many years. Whitney also wonders the same. 

At the Bennetts', Grace and David are discussing the details of their trip. Sam walks in and Grace begins to tell him of her and David's plan. 

At the Lamaze class, Antonio comes out of the room to find Sheridan and Luis talking. Antonio thanks Luis for checking on her and then tells them the good news about how he is going to help plan their wedding. Luis tells him that he would like him to stay out of it. Antonio says it is important to him that Luis gets married. 

Sam is questioning Grace: What she is doing to save their marriage? She tells him of the plan to go away with David. Davis is outside with Ivy, who loves the idea of what David is doing. She thinks it will be the perfect opportunity for her to be close to Sam. Sam is irate about Grace's plan. He says that this trip would in no way save their marriage; it would end it. 

Charlie is down in the Wallace's basement, digging a whole for part of her plan. Mrs., Wallace is very concerned. Charlie foreshadows that the hole is for Sheridan. Mrs. Wallace has a premonition of Sheridan being killed by Charlie and Beth. 

Back at Lamaze, Antonio tells Luis and Beth how he thinks Sheridan should plan their wedding. Sheridan gets very upset and runs out of the room. He says it will solve Beth's insurance problem. He also suggests the wedding take place at Sheridan's cottage. 

At the wharf, Whitney is asking her mother why she never told anyone of her miscarriage. Eve ho-hums around the question. Whitney starts yelling at her mother and walks away from her. Eve tells TC he is right and that she did miscarry their son. TC says that he understands and that he is sorry for all the pain that this caused his wife. Whitney comes back and apologizes to her mother for the way she spoke to her. TC goes to get the car so they can bring Eve home. Chad and Whitney are relieved that they are not brother and sister. 

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