Passions Update Wednesday 5/14/03

Passions Update Wednesday 5/14/03

By Clorinda
Pictures by Juanita

Gwen and Sheridan arrive at their Lamaze class. Gwen tells Sheridan to keep her chin up since she is sure Luis will soon find out that Beth is not really pregnant. Sheridan keeps telling Gwen that Beth has always been a good friend to her and Luis. Gwen tells Sheridan that she is not buying it. She feels that Beth is just too much like Theresa. Gwen begs Sheridan to be careful and watch her back where Beth is concerned. Sheridan still opposes Gwen's opinion of Beth. Gwen tells Sheridan not to be surprised if Beth was just faking her whole pregnancy. Gwen asks Sheridan to picture some time in the future. Pretend she and Luis told Antonio the whole truth and Antonio sets her free. She asks Sheridan where that would leave Beth. Gwen points out that if Beth is carrying Luis' baby or pretending to so he will marry her, she can keep him forever.

Antonio tells the pregnant ladies that he saved a space in the class for Beth and Luis. Gwen smiles feeling sure that the couple will never need it.

Beth nervously walks into the OB/GYN's office. She is a little relieved to see that the office is empty. She tries her best to get Luis to leave before the doctor arrives and her fake pregnancy is exposed. Mrs. Wallace openly accuses her daughter of not having a real appointment. Beth assures both her mother and Luis that she did have an appointment. Beth does her best to get out of the appointment. She is just ready to get everyone to leave when the doctor calls her into the office. The trio walk in as the "doctor" is busy typing with her back to them. She apologizes for the empty reception area and tells them she will be with them as soon as she finishes the report she is working on. She insists that it needs to go out today. Luis explains that Beth needs a pregnancy test. The doctor promises to give her a blood test as soon as she can. She explains that she is very short handed today.

Mrs. Wallace looks suspiciously at the doctor, hoping this doctor will expose Beth and her plan.

Whitney is beside herself with the sick fear that Chad is her brother. She tells Theresa that the ages match. Her lost brother would be Chad's age. Theresa tells Whitney that these strange things only happen in novels. Whitney then realizes that she may have made love to her brother. This thought causes her to panic and run away from Theresa.

Fox is feeding Chad's doubt about his paternity. Chad tells Fox that he had a DNA test done months ago that should have ruled out Eve as his mother. Fox says he understands but it just sounds too much like a coincidence.

Eve can't control herself. She begins to cry and shake. TC does his best to calm her. Liz just smiles at Eve's pain. Julian turns on Liz. He calls her sick and evil for taking such pleasure in her revenge and in Eve's suffering. He tells her that she is pathetic using her sister as an excuse for the mistakes she had made in her miserable life.

Liz gets offended by Julian's accusations. She turns on him and tells him he has nerve accusing her of hurting Eve. She says after all it was not her that abandoned Eve when she was pregnant. Liz then laughs that Julian is the pathetic one by still being in love with Eve.

Eve begins to hyperventilate. TC gets worried and begs Liz to help him. Julian rushes to Eve's side and tries to calm her down enough to get her to breathe normally. Julian is unusually gentle with Eve. Liz takes this as an opportunity to soothe TC and his fears.

Antonio tells Ethan that he would die without Sheridan. He plans on keeping her safe forever.

Sheridan takes a break at Lamaze class. She sees an ad for the circus. The clowns in the ad seem to taunt her. She flashes back to her horrible nightmare that the killer clowns take her baby. She begins to scream.

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